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Enterprise Organizer Professional (EOP) makes document scanning as simple as possible. You’ll be able to scan a document to searchable PDF in just a couple of easy mouse clicks. This topic will help you get started.

To do a basic scan:

 1.  Go to the Edit view, OR Select the drawer/folder where you want to put the scan in the Manage view

2.  Click Scan and select any scan options

3.  Click Start Scan

See Perform a Scan for more information.

Regular Scanning vs. Scanning to File

You’ll notice that you can scan in both Edit view and Manage view. Here’s the difference:

Edit View
Here you can see the pages coming in and work with them when the scan is done. You’ll then need to save the scan to file.
Manage View
Here the scan goes straight to file. You’re depositing the scan directly into a drawer/folder. It’s a faster, more efficient way to scan. This is a good option when you don’t need to preview the scan as it comes in or make any changes to it when it’s done.

Scanning Profiles

Enterprise Organizer provides a lot of scanning options. You’ll probably find that there are a handful of setups that you use over and over. You can "memorize" these different setups and recall them on-the-fly through the Scanning Profiles feature. See Scanning Profiles for more information.

A Note on Scanners

For your scanner to work with Enterprise Organizer Professional, it must have a  TWAIN  driver. If your scanner has a TWAIN driver, it will show up on the  Scanner  list when you scan. 

There are a few scanners that deserve special mention:

Fujitsu ScanSnap

The ScanSnap scanners are excellent, but they don’t have a TWAIN driver. As a result, you can’t use Enterprise Organizer’s scanning features with your ScanSnap. There is, however, a limited integration with the ScanSnap. Learn more about it in ScanSnap Scanner.

Brother Scanners

With Brother scanners, you often have to enable the TWAIN driver manually. This is usually done from the Windows Start menu > All Programs > Brother Scanner > Enable TWAIN Drivers . Alternatively, you should be able to download a TWAIN driver from the Brother website.

Brother scanners sometimes have problems transferring pages properly, especially the multifunction models. Whenever possible, avoid any Brother driver that begins with "WIA-". If you’re forced to use one of these drivers, you should always show the Brother interface when you scan:

  1. Go to Settings > Scan
  2. Select the Use Scanner Dialog option
  3. Click OK

Now the Brother interface will pop up whenever you scan. This will give you the most reliable results.

Network Scanners

Most high-speed network scanners (large stand-alone units that are connected to the network but aren’t plugged into a computer) do not provide TWAIN drivers. This means that you won’t be able to scan in Enterprise Organizer.

One workaround is to use the Inbox feature to move new network scans into your file cabinets. See Using an Inbox for more information.

Another option is to use QuikFile to handle the conversion and OCR of network scans. For more information, visit our website. Click the drop-arrow under the Help button > Home Page .

Integrate Scanning with QuikFile

If you use both Enterprise Organizer and QuikFile, you can have QuikFile handle all of the OCR for new scans. For more information, see Integrate Scanning with QuikFile .

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