OCR Settings

Manage your OCR settings from the Settings button > OCR.

OCR Options

You’ll see the OCR options every time you run OCR. Whatever settings you establish here will be your defaults. For a description of the options, see OCR Options.

NOTE: OCR that happens in combination with scanning has its own set of defaults that are associated with your scanning profiles. See Scan Settings and Scanning Profiles for more information.

Perform OCR on ScanSnap Scans

If you’re using a ScanSnap scanner with Enterprise Organizer Pro, you can have Enterprise Organizer Pro automatically OCR incoming scans to make them searchable. It will use your default OCR settings.

Enable QuikFile Integration

If you use both Enterprise Organizer Pro and QuikFile, you can have QuikFile handle all of the OCR for new scans. For more information, see Integrate Scanning with QuikFile.

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