Cleaning up scanned PDFs

There are two ways to "erase" elements from a PDF.

Edit PDF Image

A) Using Eraser Tool

Assuming you’re on the latest version of Enterprise Organizer:

  1. Open the PDF in the Edit tab
  2. Click the Edit PDF Image button on the main toolbar (if you see a warning about text, or you don’t have this button, skip to the alternate method below)

    If you see the Warning message above, please skip to Alternate Method else proceed further.

  3. Select the Eraser

    You can change the size of the Eraser by hitting the small down arrow  on the Eraser icon.

  4. Erase

  5. Click Commit Changes


B) Erasing an area on the document using ’Erase Area’ tool

  1. Click on ’Erase Area’ icon in the Image Editor window.
  2. Select a portion on your document that you want to erase. Repeatedly select areas on the document till you achieve desired results.

  3. Click Commit Changes


C) Erasing using "Erase Outside" Tool

  1. Click on ’Erase Outside’ icon in the Image Editor window.
  2. Select the area that you want to keep as using ’Erase Outside’ tool, all the area outside the purview of the selected area will be deleted.

  3. Click Commit Changes


Alternate Method: Masking

  1. Open the PDF in the PDF Editor

  2. Click on the Rectangle Tool button on the editor’s toolbar; this will display a Properties Toolbar

  3. On the Properties Toolbar, set both the Fill Color and the Stroke Color to white and make sure the Opacityis 100%

  4. With your mouse, select the area on the PDF page that you want to "erase"

  5. Finally, click the Flatten Commentsbutton on the editor’s toolbar to merge your rectangle into the PDF

  6. Save your changes



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