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  1. Quik File Share - Overview   Overview Quikbox Quik File Share let's you access your network files and folders from anywhere via your web browser. With the user-friendly interface and familiar file organization structure, it gives you an experience of working on your l... Read More
  2. Quik File Share - Videos     QuikBox Video Library Show me all Quik File Share Videos Show me the entire QuikBox Video Library   ... Read More
  3. Running QuikFile on a Server When running QuikFile on a server, there are two issues to be aware of: resource usage and multiple logins. Resource Usage QuikFile doesn't require much RAM. However, two things can noticeably degrade system performance: scanning for new files and OC... Read More
  4. Introduction to QuikFile QuikFile is an easy-to-use, bulk-conversion utility for converting image files – like scans and faxes – into searchable PDF files. It can also convert to TXT or TIFF formats. QuikFile will watch specific folders for new files to convert, ... Read More
  5. Integrate Scanning with QuikFile The slowest part of the scanning process is OCR. You'll find that it takes longer to OCR a page of text than to scan it, especially if you have a high-speed scanner. For short documents, this might not matter, but for long documents, waiting for OCR ... Read More
  6. Getting Started with QuikSearch To search, enter the IP-address of QuikSearch in your Chrome browser. The address can be obtained from your system administrator.   Note For it to work effectively and open file links, you’ll need to install QuikBox Links Chrome extension ... Read More
  7. Mobile Printing - Quik Start Guide Printing methods Wi-Fi printing: Users can immediately send a job to a printer using the wireless network. Printing from an Android tablet or Phone Printing from Chromebook Printing from iOS (iPad or iPhone) check the status of a Wi-Fi job Printing ... Read More
  8. Adding a new user to QuikBox IM   Access your QuikBox IM services using your web browser (such as Chrome or IE).  Enter your IP address or host name of your QuikBox ( or or http://quikbox:9090) Log into your QuikBox IM se... Read More
  9. Quik Flow Components Web Interface The Web Interface is where most users will spend most of their time when using the Quik Flow Suite. The Web Interface is accessed by most standard Internet web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. The We... Read More
  10. Logging into Quik Smart KB Admin Control Panel Open the Internet Browser and type the path to your knowledgebase in address bar and hit enter or click on go button. Login screen will be displayed.   Enter your username and password to log in. Click the Login button. If your details ar... Read More
  11. QuikBox IM Client Installation Steps Welcome to QuikBox IM Client Set up   INSTALLING STEPS This will be the first box that will appear to install QuikBox IM.     Please proceed to follow the steps that appear on your screen, the following images are wha... Read More
  12. Power On & Off QuikBox How To Determine if your QuikBox is on Check for the blue light on the QuikBox.   How to Shut Down or Power On the QuikBox The front bezel key lock may need to be unlocked first. The lock should turn and twist.  This unlocks the two front ... Read More
  13. Web File Share - Quick Start Guide Working with Files Uploading or Adding files Copying files Deleting files Downloading files E-mailing Files Moving files Renaming files Searching files Files Comments Files Metadata Locking / Unlocking files File Versioning Browsing previo... Read More
  14. Translating Web File Share Editing a translation Select a language by clicking on its name. The translation is split in several parts which refer to particular sections or features of Web File Share. Click the section you wish to edit and you will see a list of words and phra... Read More
  15. File Encryption AES Crypt ( is a file encryption software available on several operating systems that uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to easily and securely encrypt files. Quik File Share can use it to allow user... Read More
  16. Configuring users’ file access Basics Each user has a home folder, which is an actual folder on the server's file system. Users do not have more than one home folder. This folder is assigned using the “Home folder” field available under the “Permissions” tab, when add... Read More
  17. File reference DEV Files This is a list of most customized Web File Share files and folders: /css/style.css The CSS file that needs to be edited for changing the background for the login page. /customizables/include.html It can be used to include HTML ... Read More
  18. File Naming Convention Many things go into a well-organized filing system: a good cabinet structure, consistent use of folders and subfolders, and a clear, consistent file naming convention. With all of these in place, you'll have no trouble finding files even years in the... Read More
  19. Can’t create output file If every file results in an error that QuikFile can't create the output files, it's usually because the service either doesn't have permission to access the output location, or the output location is to a mapped drive that doesn't exist for the servi... Read More
  20. Sharing Files with Web Links Overview Share Files & Folders virtually anywhere!  Use this method to share content with non-Web File Share users.  You can quickly & easily create and share Web Links to share photos, videos, or any other file type on Inte... Read More
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