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  1. Flow Tab File conversion: Allows to convert the scanned original into one of the following formats: CSV / CSV unicode Excel / Excel XLSX JPEG OpenDocument Text PDF - Image-only (version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and PDF/A; with or without MRC compression)Note: the ... Read More
  2. Scanning Problems First, an important point to understand: Enterprise Organizer Pro has no direct control over your scanner. Scanners are controlled completely by their TWAIN driver and Windows. Enterprise Organizer Pro only puts in "requests" to the driver through Wi... Read More
  3. Scanning Options There are many options available when you scan. This topic will walk you through them. Tip: If you switch settings a lot, consider making some profiles. See Scanning Profiles for more information. Options on the General Tab You'll find the foll... Read More
  4. Improve OCR Accuracy This article describes the factors that affect OCR accuracy. OCR is a tricky thing. It requires a good, clear document. If the letters are too bold and blur together, the OCR engine will have a hard time figuring them out. Conversely, if the letters ... Read More

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