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Feature Overview
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To help you get started using QuikFile, here is a list of key features: Convert Image Files to Searchable PDF QuikFile will convert image files (usually scanned documents or faxes) to searchable PDF format. This means that the new file will have a... Read More
Introduction to QuikFile
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QuikFile is an easy-to-use, bulk-conversion utility for converting image files – like scans and faxes – into searchable PDF files. It can also convert to TXT or TIFF formats. QuikFile will watch specific folders for new files to convert,... Read More
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This topic describes some of the errors you might encounter. Skipped Files If QuikFile encounters a file that it can't convert, it will note an error in the logs and give the file a Skipped status. QuikFile may skip a file for any of these reasons:... Read More
Run as a Service
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QuikFile continues working behind the scenes, even when the main interface isn't open. Normally this requires that you stay logged onto the machine so that the conversion engine can keep running. When you log off, all of your programs, including the... Read More
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Uninstall QuikFile from your computer's Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel: From the Windows Start menu, select Control Panel Select the Add or Remove Programs option Locate QuikFile in the list of programs Select Change/Remove and... Read More
Convert all your old Image PDFs & Tiffs to Text Searchable PDFs
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Standadrd Scan Pack Videos
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    Standard Scan Pack Video Library Show me all Standard Scan Pack Videos Show me the entire QuikBox Video Library   Read More
Batch Scan to Text Searchable PDF
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Enterprise PDF Hot Folders
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