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  1. Metadata Metadata is information that a file can have attached to it. You can attach information like: comments, title, author, tags, etc. Fields Metadata information is stored in metadata fields. You manage the fields from inside the “Control Panel » ... Read More
  2. Metadata Metadata is information that a file can have attached to it. You can attach information like: comments, title, author, tags, etc. By default Quick File Share provides ways of attaching comments to files using the "Comment" contextual menu option. For... Read More
  3. Creating a trigger with metadata lookup In this example a trigger for scanning invoices will be created. The documents are scanned on a scan device and therefore the Xerox Multifunction Device module will be used as the Scan module. The user will be asked to give in a account code and this... Read More
  4. How to use the metadata browser Next to every field that can be populated with metadata there is a little logo . Clicking that logo will open the metadata browser. This metadata browser is a great help to lookup all available metadata options that can be used for populating fields... Read More
  5. Metadata description ScanFlowStore uses metadata for multiple purposes.Once document management fields have been defined in the scan template, ScanFlowStore can use the value of these fields. The notation for these fields is the field name enclosed in brackets. For examp... Read More
  6. Files Metadata   Files Metadata Web File Share allows you to attach information to files through the Metadata system. Predefined text fields can be filled in with information by selecting a file and clicking the "Metadata" contextual menu option. To coose w... Read More
  7. The API Quick start for PHP developers Read the Authorization section bellow to understand the requirements. Follow “a new client application” Download and use the Web File Share PHP API Client library: Read More
  8. Custom even scripts Custom PHP scripts can be automatically executed when the users perform one of the monitored actions (Actions_keynames). For example, to automatically run custom PHP code after a file is uploaded, you can simply place a PHP file named “upload.... Read More
  9. Enterprise Organizer Pro - What’s New FileCenter Change Log (2014-05-22) We now check a folder's write permission before trying to scan into it, so we can fail gracefully with a good error message. Sometimes the PDF Printer would get stuck at 0%. The Outlook Add-in would sometim... Read More
  10. What’s new Changelog   September 25, 2017 (2017.09.25) Changes:  Fixed two SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Added authentication plugin for Joomla version 3.8.     September 16, 2017 (2017.09.18) Fixes:  Security fixes: Fixed critical vulnerability. Fixe... Read More
  11. Web File Share - Quick Start Guide Working with Files Uploading or Adding files Copying files Deleting files Downloading files E-mailing Files Moving files Renaming files Searching files Files Comments Files Metadata Locking / Unlocking files File Versioning Browsing previo... Read More
  12. ZGL to ionCube If you are running Web File Share for "Zend Guard Loader" and want to upgrade to PHP 5.4, or simply switch from "Zend Guard Loader" to "ionCube", you will need to replace the Web File Share application files with more appropriate versions. You can of... Read More
  13. Upgrading to PHP 5.4 PHP5.4 If you are running Web File Share on PHP 5.3 with "ionCube", then you can upgrade your server to PHP 5.4 without any additional change. If you are running any other version, you will need to replace the Web File Share installation with one tha... Read More
  14. Backup Making a backup This article doesn't cover backing up your user files, but only the Web File Share installation which includes the user settings, WebLink information, metadata, file comments and any other data the Web File Share users might att... Read More
  15. Calculating MD5 Checksums Hash Files To automatically calculate and store the files' MD5 checksum values, so you can verify their integrity, please follow these steps: Go to "Control Panel » System configuration » Metadata » Fieldsets » Create new" Set the "Fiel... Read More
  16. Counting file downloads Applies to Web File Share version (260213) To keep track of the files' download count, please follow these steps: Login as superuser and open the Control Panel Select "System configuration  » Metadata  » Fieldsets" and click "Add" Set the "... Read More
  17. Overview Most of the configuration is done from Web File Share's control panel. However, there are additional configuration options that can be set by editing the file “customizables/config.php”. If the files does not exist, you can simply creat... Read More
  18. E-mail notification system Configuration To be able to send e-mails from Web File Share, you need to either have PHP configured with “sendmail” or have Web File Share configured with an SMTP server. Do note that most SMTP servers require authentication, and to prevent spa... Read More
  19. Independent admin users Independent admin users can: See and manage only user accounts, roles and groups created by themselves. See and manage only his e-mail notification settings. Browse his own users' activity logs. Manage his own metadata settings. When c... Read More
  20. Admin users Admin users can: Manage user accounts, except their own and other admins' accounts. Manage roles. Manage user groups. Manage e-mail notification settings. Browse users' activity logs. Manage metadata settings. When configuring... Read More
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