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  1. Getting Started with QuikSearch To search, enter the IP-address of QuikSearch in your Chrome browser. The address can be obtained from your system administrator.   Note For it to work effectively and open file links, you’ll need to install QuikBox Links Chrome extension ... Read More
  2. The API Quick start for PHP developers Read the Authorization section bellow to understand the requirements. Follow “a new client application” Download and use the Web File Share PHP API Client library: Read More
  3. Custom even scripts Custom PHP scripts can be automatically executed when the users perform one of the monitored actions (Actions_keynames). For example, to automatically run custom PHP code after a file is uploaded, you can simply place a PHP file named “upload.... Read More
  4. Custom "Open with" actions Creating a custom “Open with..” file contextual menu option: The plugin folder structure Create a new empty folder inside “customizables/custom_actions/”. For this example we'll name it “hello”. Create a file “customiza... Read More
  5. Custom CSS As software updates are replacing Web File Share's files regardless of the fact that they have been customized, there is a way to make CSS modification which will be preserved between software updates. You can specify the URL of an external CSS ... Read More
  6. External Login Form The following is a PHP code snippet that displays a login form which provides feedback without showing the Web File Share login screen. This can be used if you would like to have a custom login form integrated into your website and bypass the Web Fil... Read More
  7. Mobile apps To be able to use the mobile apps with your Web File Share installation you need to enable the API. A SSL enabled web server is required. (Your Web File Share URL needs to start with “https://” and not “http://”). (For testing only, you can ... Read More
  8. Desktop sync You can keep your remote folders in sync with your local ones, or the other way around with the desktop sync apps. On the first run, you will be asked to provide your Web File Share installation URL, your Web File Share username and password. You can... Read More
  9. test asdfasdfas   Nick Sanjaya Duane                    ... Read More
  10. Concepts Processes Processes are well-defined sets of actions, data, participants, and workflow. A process can be procedures such as a “New Hire”, a “Purchase Order”, or a “Product Return”. Processes are made up of three ma... Read More
  11. Find the IP-address or hostname If you are using Amazon EC2 If you are using Amazon EC2 you will need to find the hostname. Amazon calls it for Public DNS. To find it select the instance in the AWS Management Console. A set of additional information will open on the bottom. Scrol... Read More
  12. Configuring users’ file access Basics Each user has a home folder, which is an actual folder on the server's file system. Users do not have more than one home folder. This folder is assigned using the “Home folder” field available under the “Permissions” tab, when add... Read More
  13. What’s new Changelog   September 25, 2017 (2017.09.25) Changes:  Fixed two SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Added authentication plugin for Joomla version 3.8.     September 16, 2017 (2017.09.18) Fixes:  Security fixes: Fixed critical vulnerability. Fixe... Read More
  14. Introduction Welcome to QuikKB Knowledge Base Software Thank you for purchasing QuikKB Knowledge Base Software - The best, quick and smartest way to start and manage your own knowledge base system. QuikKB Knowledge Base Software allows you to create an unlimited,... Read More
  15. Enabling & Configuration of Air Print 2 Options for displaying Air Print - By default Air Print is hidden. Option #1 1.  Download & Install the AirPrint DLM - Click Here (For All Connect Key Devices) 2.  Open a web browser and go to http://Device IP Address/diagno... Read More
  16. ZGL to ionCube If you are running Web File Share for "Zend Guard Loader" and want to upgrade to PHP 5.4, or simply switch from "Zend Guard Loader" to "ionCube", you will need to replace the Web File Share application files with more appropriate versions. You can of... Read More
  17. Upgrading to PHP 5.4 PHP5.4 If you are running Web File Share on PHP 5.3 with "ionCube", then you can upgrade your server to PHP 5.4 without any additional change. If you are running any other version, you will need to replace the Web File Share installation with one tha... Read More
  18. Login problems Error: The path of your home folder doesn't point to an existing folder. When setting a user's home folder path, please use the "[Check path]" button next to the text input, to make sure the path is valid and points to an existing folder. ... Read More
  19. Adding links to the menu Applies to Web File Share version (291210) The menus are defined inside the file "/path-to-WebFileShare/js/fileman/toolbars_and_menus.js". To add a link on the main toolbar (next to the "Upload" and "File" options), you open the file in a text editor... Read More
  20. Adding custom functionality Custom Modules This page provides some details on how to add a custom PHP script to Web File Share's framework. The benefits are that the page can be protected by Web File Share's authentication system and that your script can use Web File ... Read More
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