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  1. Creating zip files To Zip one or multiple files follow these steps: Select one file, or multiple files by holding the CTRL key pressed. Right-click the file and select “More options” → “Add to zip”. Type the new name for the new Zip file and click “O... Read More
  2. Upgrading PHP to version 7 The Web File Share application files that are currently in use on your PHP 5 server were designed to be used specifically with that version of PHP. Upgrading to version 7 will make the Web File Share installation stop working. The solution is to repl... Read More
  3. test asdfasdfas   Nick Sanjaya Duane                    ... Read More
  4. Enterprise Organizer Pro - What’s New FileCenter Change Log (2014-05-22) We now check a folder's write permission before trying to scan into it, so we can fail gracefully with a good error message. Sometimes the PDF Printer would get stuck at 0%. The Outlook Add-in would sometim... Read More
  5. What’s new Changelog   September 25, 2017 (2017.09.25) Changes:  Fixed two SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Added authentication plugin for Joomla version 3.8.     September 16, 2017 (2017.09.18) Fixes:  Security fixes: Fixed critical vulnerability. Fixe... Read More
  6. Web File Share - Quick Start Guide Working with Files Uploading or Adding files Copying files Deleting files Downloading files E-mailing Files Moving files Renaming files Searching files Files Comments Files Metadata Locking / Unlocking files File Versioning Browsing previo... Read More
  7. Enabling & Configuration of Air Print 2 Options for displaying Air Print - By default Air Print is hidden. Option #1 1.  Download & Install the AirPrint DLM - Click Here (For All Connect Key Devices) 2.  Open a web browser and go to http://Device IP Address/diagno... Read More
  8. ZGL to ionCube If you are running Web File Share for "Zend Guard Loader" and want to upgrade to PHP 5.4, or simply switch from "Zend Guard Loader" to "ionCube", you will need to replace the Web File Share application files with more appropriate versions. You can of... Read More
  9. Upgrading to PHP 5.4 PHP5.4 If you are running Web File Share on PHP 5.3 with "ionCube", then you can upgrade your server to PHP 5.4 without any additional change. If you are running any other version, you will need to replace the Web File Share installation with one tha... Read More
  10. Backup Making a backup This article doesn't cover backing up your user files, but only the Web File Share installation which includes the user settings, WebLink information, metadata, file comments and any other data the Web File Share users might att... Read More
  11. Large files (>2GB) Linux: Files larger than 2GB do not show up in the list. On Linux servers, PHP needs to be configured with LFS (Large File Support) in order to be able to manage files larger than 2GB. Please read here more about it: Read More
  12. Character encoding As PHP 5 does not have support for Unicode filenames, Web File Share can handle filenames that use one particular encoding. By default, Web File Share is configured to convert the text to UTF-8. This allows the users to upload files with names in any... Read More
  13. Joomla authentication Web File Share can connect to "Joomla CMS" application to share its authentication system. So a Joomla user can access its Web File Share account without entering its username and password again. Before setting up the plugin, remember to change the ... Read More
  14. Wordpress authentication This quick guide will help you configure Web File Share to authenticate the users against the database of an existing Wordpress ( installation. It has been tested with Wordpress version 3.0.1. Download plugins Download the file ... Read More
  15. Custom file actions You can easily add custom options inside the "Open with.." file contextual menu. Here is a step by step guide: Make a copy of "/path-to-WebFileShare/customizables/custom_actions/_example" inside the same folder and rename it to "my-action" (you are ... Read More
  16. File preview Previewing documents The following file types can be previewed or opened with Web File Share by default: Image files: PHP GD extension: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, jpe ImageMagick: most known image file types Office documents: PDF documents a... Read More
  17. E-mail notification system Configuration To be able to send e-mails from Web File Share, you need to either have PHP configured with “sendmail” or have Web File Share configured with an SMTP server. Do note that most SMTP servers require authentication, and to prevent spa... Read More
  18. Archiving Emails Without Your Own Emailserver This article only addresses archiving methods in environments without an email server. It is assumed that you already have a MailStore Server installation or test installation and are familiar with the basic functionality of MailStore Server. Please... Read More
  19. MailStore Web Access Integration in Outlook Web App To offer users of Outlook Web App (formerly known as Outlook Web Access) the best possible integration of MailStore Web Access, you have the possibility to add a MailStore Web Access button side-by-side to the Email, Calendar, Contacts, etc. buttons.... Read More
  20. MailStore Outlook Add-in Deployment Using a software distribution system, MailStore Outlook Add-in can be distributed among the users' computers automatically. To be able to do so, the distribution system must be able to execute MailStore Outlook Add-in's setup program without requirin... Read More
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