Power On & Off QuikBox

How To Determine if your QuikBox is on

  1. Check for the blue light on the QuikBox.


How to Shut Down or Power On the QuikBox

  1. The front bezel key lock may need to be unlocked first.
  2. The lock should turn and twist.  This unlocks the two front doors on the QuikBox.

  3. Pull open the left door

  4. Press the rocker switch.  This will either Power On or Power Off the QuikBox.  a)  When shutting down the QuikBox, it may require 30 to 45 seconds for it to gracefully shut down.  The HDD light on the front should start lighting up, showing QuikBox shut down process activity (shut down preparation). The Power light will turn off when the QuikBox is completely shutdown.   b) When powering on the QuikBox,it usually takes about 30 to 45 seconds to boot up.


Do NOT hold down the power switch down for longer than 3 seconds or that will immediately shut off the QuikBox.  Which may corrupt your data.



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