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Conversion Job Options
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This topic will help you set up a conversion job. You'll add and edit your conversion jobs from the Jobs tab > New or Edit. Job Name First, give your conversion job a unique name. Manual Job or Scheduled? A manual job will run whenever you fire it... Read More
Conversion Jobs Basics
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QuikFile uses conversion jobs. A job tells QuikFile what to do: where to look for files to convert, what format to convert the files to, where to place the converted files, etc. A job may be a one-time operation, but more likely a job will be a... Read More
How to Run a Job
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If you've set up a schedule for your job, QuikFile will run the job automatically according to the schedule, looking for new files and converting them without any action on your part. QuikFile doesn't have to be open for this to work. You can also... Read More
Job Schedule
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You have a lot of flexibility in scheduling conversion jobs. You can specify how often QuikFile searches for new files and you can limit conversions to specific blocks of time. To see the scheduling options, add or edit a conversion job and set the... Read More
Redo Files
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You can redo specific files or an entire job, but the way you'll do it depends on the job type. If your job doesn't delete or replace the source files, see Source Files are Intact below. Otherwise, see Restore from Backup below. Source Files are... Read More