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  1. Enterprise Organizer Pro - What’s New FileCenter Change Log (2014-05-22) We now check a folder's write permission before trying to scan into it, so we can fail gracefully with a good error message. Sometimes the PDF Printer would get stuck at 0%. The Outlook Add-in would sometim... Read More
  2. Backup Making a backup This article doesn't cover backing up your user files, but only the Web File Share installation which includes the user settings, WebLink information, metadata, file comments and any other data the Web File Share users might att... Read More
  3. Virtual Office iOS Client   GO-Global iOS Client allows GO-Global customers to connect to their GO-Global hosts from the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with an emphasis on maintaining a high degree of usability for Windows applications accessed remotely. This docume... Read More
  4. Flow Tab File conversion: Allows to convert the scanned original into one of the following formats: CSV / CSV unicode Excel / Excel XLSX JPEG OpenDocument Text PDF - Image-only (version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and PDF/A; with or without MRC compression)Note: the ... Read More
  5. PDF conversion tab If the imported files are PDF files please specify the PDF specs of the file, this will prevent increase in file-size after image processing. NOTE: if the PDF specs are not defined the file-size difference between the original imported file and the s... Read More
  6. Email in IMPORTANT: the Email in module will pull all email messages from the mailbox. Email messages that do not have an attachment will be deleted, therefore it is not recommended to use a mailbox that is also used to receive "normal" email. A dedicated mai... Read More
  7. PDF Settings The PDF settings are available from the Settings button > PDF option. PDF Compression These settings control how images are compressed when you scan or convert a document to PDF. One compression method might work better than the others for the kinds ... Read More

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