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  1. Saving Outlook E-mail Part 1 Part 2   Overview - Bridge the Gap with Outlook Enterprise Organizer Professional can help you organize and archive your Outlook e-mail by saving it out as individual files.  EOP enables users to save pertinent email & attac... Read More
  2. test asdfasdfas   Nick Sanjaya Duane                    ... Read More
  3. Process Designer - Overview The Quik Flow Designer application allows technical and non-technical users alike to easily design business processes using a simple graphical design tool. By using actions and tasks, defining process data, and assigning process participants, process... Read More
  4. Security Role Based Security in each process is role based. Many specific areas of a process can be secured to allow only specific groups of people access. Security in the Quik Flow Suite is defined at its highest level as a collection of groups. These groups... Read More
  5. Concepts Processes Processes are well-defined sets of actions, data, participants, and workflow. A process can be procedures such as a “New Hire”, a “Purchase Order”, or a “Product Return”. Processes are made up of three ma... Read More
  6. Process Automation Benefits Most companies have always known many of the benefits of automating their processes. In a good deal of these cases, the development time and costs usually out-weight the benefits. Using  Quik Flow, business managers can automate processes in a m... Read More
  7. Video Summary Comprehensive Video List Standard Scan Pack Videos Batch Scan to Text Searchable PDF (Using Common Separator Pages) Standard Scan Pack - Scan to Word Hot Folder OCR - Convert PDFs to MS Word format Quik File Professional - Enterprise PDF... Read More
  8. Enterprise Organizer Pro - Overview What sets Enterprise Organizer Pro (EOP) apart is that it's not just an efficient scanning program or a powerful PDF editor or even an intuitive document manager, it's that it's all three of those tightly integrated into each other so that your daily... Read More
  9. Enterprise Organizer Pro Videos     QuikBox Video Library Show me all Enterprise Organizer Pro Videos Show me the entire QuikBox Video Library   ... Read More
  10. Article Versions PHPKB Knowledge Base Software allows you to automatically save versions of documents as you edit them if you enable the Enable Version History setting under Miscellaneous Settings of Manage Settings. With article history/versions you can go back, loo... Read More
  11. Article Management Viewing Articles 1. By clicking the Articles tab from Navigation bar. 2. By clicking the Manage Articles from dashboard shortcuts. Manage articles screen will get displayed. By default, list of approved articles is shown. You can navigate through t... Read More
  12. Admin Dashboard The home screen or the dashboard is shown when you log in or click the dashboard link on the top links. PHPKB dashboard presents and organizes your daily usage information in a way that is easy to read. It contains header section to reach out to ever... Read More
  13. Introduction Welcome to QuikKB Knowledge Base Software Thank you for purchasing QuikKB Knowledge Base Software - The best, quick and smartest way to start and manage your own knowledge base system. QuikKB Knowledge Base Software allows you to create an unlimited,... Read More
  14. Enabling & Configuration of Air Print 2 Options for displaying Air Print - By default Air Print is hidden. Option #1 1.  Download & Install the AirPrint DLM - Click Here (For All Connect Key Devices) 2.  Open a web browser and go to http://Device IP Address/diagno... Read More
  15. Installing updates To install software updates please follow these steps: Access your Web File Share installation and log in as superuser (The default login name of the superuser is “admin”). Open “Control Panel” Go to “System configuration” » “So... Read More
  16. Upload problems Drag & drop upload mode The "Drag files from your computer here" text is not displayed The drag&drop upload mode requires Java support enabled in your browser. You can click here to verify if it's enabled and up to date. The progress b... Read More
  17. Choosing A Hosting Service   WebFileShare works with most hosting service, with either their shared or dedicated plans. If you are using a dedicated, VPS, or any other type of virtual dedicated server, it is guaranteed that WebFileShare will work great for you. The following ... Read More
  18. How to store to multiple destinations It is possible to store to multiple destinations within the same scan job. For instance a user can make a scan and store this in SharePoint, send it as an e-mail and print it through the LPR Printer module. This ensures that the right people receive ... Read More
  19. IBM Lotus - Lookup This module can be used for lookup purposes. This makes it possible to populate a list of lookup values with the user information from an IBM Lotus environment. When the user selects IBM Lotus as the Module, a pop up window will appear where the IBM... Read More
  20. Implementation Guide Overview Select one of the options below to start the implementation process. Archiving Emails Without Your Own Emailserver Archiving Emails from Google Apps for Business Archiving Emails from IceWarp Mail Server Archiving Emails from Kerio Connect Archivin... Read More
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