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  1. Delayed OCR through Enterprise Organizer The slowest part of the scanning process is OCR. You'll find that it takes longer to OCR a page of text than to scan it, especially if you have a high-speed scanner. For short documents, this might not matter, but for long documents, waiting for OCR ... Read More
  2. How to improve the OCR/Barcode recognitizion results The OCR and barcode recognition results will always be influenced by the quality of the original document, when a document is copied over and over again the quality will detireate and pixels will get lost. If the original document is not a high quali... Read More
  3. Zone OCR Tab An OCR zone is a part of a page, where an optical character recognition processing is performed to find barcodes or simple texts. The recognized value of a barcode or the recognized text in the zone (called the extracted data of the zone) can be used... Read More
  4. OCR Accuracy OCR accuracy can be very good. Follow these guidelines to keep accuracy as high as possible. Handwriting OCR can only recognize typewritten text, not handwriting. Page Orientation OCR requires that the page be upright. If your scanner always produces... Read More
  5. OCR Settings Manage your OCR settings from the Settings button > OCR. OCR Options You'll see the OCR options every time you run OCR. Whatever settings you establish here will be your defaults. For a description of the options, see OCR Options. NOTE: OCR that happ... Read More
  6. OCR Options The following options are available when you run OCR: Make Searchable PDF Select Make Searchable PDF to run text recognition on the PDF and make it searchable and indexable. This will also make it so you can highlight or copy text in the PDF. Process... Read More
  7. Perform OCR To recognize the text in a scanned PDF, either open it in Edit view or select it in the Manage view. Then choose the action you want to perform: Recognize TextThis is the basic OCR option that you'll use most of the time. It makes the PDF searchable,... Read More
  8. - OCR Overview When you scan to PDF, the PDF will only be "searchable" if you run "text recognition" (OCR). To explain, a scan is just a picture to your computer, even if you can see words. For the computer to see the words, they have to be "recognized" and turned ... Read More
  9. Speed Up PDF Conversion and OCR OCR is the slowest part of the conversion process. Here are some tips to speed it up: More RAM? QuikFile is actually fairly light on RAM. If you have a relatively clean, fast-running machine, increasing the RAM won't usually make a difference. Here's... Read More
  10. Improve OCR Accuracy This article describes the factors that affect OCR accuracy. OCR is a tricky thing. It requires a good, clear document. If the letters are too bold and blur together, the OCR engine will have a hard time figuring them out. Conversely, if the letters ... Read More
  11. test asdfasdfas   Nick Sanjaya Duane                    ... Read More
  12. Video Summary Comprehensive Video List Standard Scan Pack Videos Batch Scan to Text Searchable PDF (Using Common Separator Pages) Standard Scan Pack - Scan to Word Hot Folder OCR - Convert PDFs to MS Word format Quik File Professional - Enterprise PDF... Read More
  13. Standard Scan Pack - What’s New (2014-05-22) Some files were incorrectly reported as "Cancelled by User" when in fact they were aborted because they froze. New "Failed" tab to give you a quick look at failed files. Improved the detection and handling of files that get hung... Read More
  14. Add a Destination This topic will help you add a destination. Think of a destination as a way to tell QuikFile how to save a file. A destination tells QuikFile: Where to save the file How to name the file What file format to use You'll use destinations in two places: ... Read More
  15. Job Advanced Options These advanced options are available when you add or edit a conversion job (Jobs tab > New/Edit > Advanced tab). OCR Options These options relate to how OCR will be performed. Make Searchable PDF Run OCR to make the PDF searchable. If you don't selec... Read More
  16. Enterprise Organizer Pro - Quick Start Guide Scanning Basics PDF Basics File Management Basics Search Basics Network Setup Cloud Setup Scanning & OCR Scanning Basics Perform a Scan Scanning Options Scanning Profiles Scanning Problems ScanSnap Scanner Delayed OCR OCR Basics Perform OCR OCR O... Read More
  17. Enterprise Organizer Pro - What’s New FileCenter Change Log (2014-05-22) We now check a folder's write permission before trying to scan into it, so we can fail gracefully with a good error message. Sometimes the PDF Printer would get stuck at 0%. The Outlook Add-in would sometim... Read More
  18. Enterprise Organizer Pro - Overview What sets Enterprise Organizer Pro (EOP) apart is that it's not just an efficient scanning program or a powerful PDF editor or even an intuitive document manager, it's that it's all three of those tightly integrated into each other so that your daily... Read More
  19. Enabling & Configuration of Air Print 2 Options for displaying Air Print - By default Air Print is hidden. Option #1 1.  Download & Install the AirPrint DLM - Click Here (For All Connect Key Devices) 2.  Open a web browser and go to http://Device IP Address/diagno... Read More
  20. Creating a trigger with metadata lookup In this example a trigger for scanning invoices will be created. The documents are scanned on a scan device and therefore the Xerox Multifunction Device module will be used as the Scan module. The user will be asked to give in a account code and this... Read More
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