Delayed OCR through Enterprise Organizer

The slowest part of the scanning process is OCR. You’ll find that it takes longer to OCR a page of text than to scan it, especially if you have a high-speed scanner. For short documents, this might not matter, but for long documents, waiting for OCR to finish can seriously affect your workflow and your efficiency.

If you also use FileConvert, you can have FileConvert handle all of the OCR for new scans. This means that OCR will happen silently behind the scenes, or even at a scheduled time of the day. As a result, you can continue with your scanning or other work in Enterprise Organizer without getting slowed down by OCR.

To make the integration work, you need to enable it in Enterprise Organizer, then set up a job in FileConvert to receive the new scans.

Step 1: Create a Folder

Enterprise Organizer needs to send instructions to FileConvert – basically lists of new scans that need to be OCRed. It posts these instructions in a regular Windows folder ("Batch Files").

Your first step in setting up the integration is to create a folder somewhere that both FileConvert and Enterprise Organizer can see it. We suggest calling the folder something like "Enterprise Organizer Scan Jobs", but the name really doesn’t matter.

IMPORTANT: Do not put scans in this folder! Enterprise Organizer will use it behind the scenes to pass instructions to FileConvert. Just set up the folder then forget it’s there.

Step 2: Set Up a FileConvert Job

Next go to FileConvert and set up a conversion job to handle new scans in Enterprise Organizer:

  1. Create a new job
  2. Give the job a name
  3. Select Use Batch Files (at the top of the dialog, near the Manual/Scheduled job options)
  4. Set the Batch File Folder field to the folder you created in the last step
  5. You’ll probably want to select Keep Converted Files in Original Folders
  6. Set any other conversion and scheduling options you want
  7. Click OK

Step 3: Enable the Integration in Enterprise Organizer

Finally, enable the integration in Enterprise Organizer:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select OCR on the left
  3. Select Enable FileConvert Integration
  4. Set the Batch File Folder option to the folder you created in the first step
  5. Click OK

Using the Integration

When you scan in Enterprise Organizer, turn off OCR. In other words, don’t select any of these options on the OCR tab:

  • Make Searchable PDF
  • Process Separators
  • Auto-Rotate Pages

Every time you scan, Enterprise Organizer will pass instructions to FileConvert letting it know there’s a new file to OCR. Whenever your FileConvert job is scheduled to run, it will take care of the OCR for all of your new scans.


If you move or rename a file after you scan it, FileConvert won’t find it.

Can I Still Use OCR in Enterprise Organizer?

You can still use OCR in Enterprise Organizer. If you choose to run OCR with your scan, Enterprise Organizer will take care of the OCR itself and won’t pass that file to FileConvert.


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