Web Links vs Internal Folder Sharing

Internal Folder Sharing

Web Link Sharing

Sharing Options - When should I use "Web Links" vs Folder "Sharing"?  See below.


Folder Sharing Option

Use the folder "Sharing" option when you want to share a folder or folder structure with other Web Files Share users. 

For example, the Accounting Dept. wants to share client invoice files & folders with Sales Management. 


This method is not for sharing just one single file.  "Sharing" option can only be used for sharing an entire folder or folders with other users.  


To learn more see Internal Folder Sharing.


Web Links Options

Use the "Web Links" option when you want to share a file, folder, or folder structure with non-users of Web Files Share such as customers and partners.

For example, ABC Company wants to share brochures and videos on their website and with their Partners. 

Web Links provide flexibility

Web links can be shared via email and placed into web pages.  Web links can also be "embedded into web pages".  For example, if you want show pictures of your products directly within your web site.  You can embed the Web File Share link using a simple HTML iFrame command.


To learn more see Sharing Folders with Web Links and Sharing Files with Web Links.


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