Maintenance and Repair

MailStore products are developed to require minimal administrative work. Although it is advisable to execute some maintenance tasks from time to time in order to ensure data integrity of the archive.

Occasionally, however, errors do occur due to system crashes or accidental manipulation of the file structure, for example. This section will provide the information necessary to perform certain maintenance and repair works without having to contact MailStore Support (for example if some contents of the archive becomes inaccessible because of such an error).

The commands described below can be entered and executed by a MailStore administrator through the Management Shell. All commands are also available in the MailStore Client software under Administrative Tools > Storage > Storage Locations.

Logical Verification

Logical verification is used to determine if all emails located in MailStore are still complete and in their original state. For example, if a content file (.dat) was modified by hand, this will be censured by logical verification. Replace the number 1 with the actual number of the archive store to be verified:

VerifyStore --id=1



Compacting of master database:


Compacting of an archive store incl. databases, container and index files. Replace the number 1 with the number of the file group:

CompactStore --id=1



Generally, it is an indication that an index is defective if emails cannot be located through the tree structure or by executing a search. A defective index is not critical - it can be completely rebuilt at any time and without any loss of data. To rebuild an index, please proceed as follows:

  • Using MailStore Client, log on to MailStore Server as administrator.
  • Click on Administrative Tools and select Index Options.
  • Select the file group and the user index and click on Rebuild Now.
  • Repeat this process for all affected file groups and user indexes.


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