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Automating the Archiving Process
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With MailStore, every archiving process (every archiving profile) can be executed automatically according to specified points in time. The time-controlled execution of archiving processes cannot prevent users from deleting emails from their email... Read More
Archiving Specific Folders
Viewed 996 times since Thu, Jan 2, 2014
By default MailStore Server archives the emails from all folders of the email application or email mailbox except the following (the list may vary depending on the system): Deleted Items - Emails that were deleted by the user Drafts - Emails that are... Read More
Deletion Rules
Viewed 956 times since Thu, Jan 2, 2014
Deleting Emails after Archiving MailStore Server can be used to reduce and to keep the amount of emails stored in a source system at a minimum. Source system can be email servers, email mailboxes, email applications as well as email files or email... Read More
Creating an Archiving Profile
Viewed 913 times since Fri, Jan 3, 2014
To create a new archiving profile proceed as follows: Start the MailStore Client and click on Archive Email to create and execute an archiving profile. In the Create Profile section of the application window, select the source from which the emails... Read More
Specify Filter Criteria for Archiving
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In MailStore Server, you can limit archiving to certain emails for most archiving profiles by specifying filter criteria. The following filter options are available:   Also archive unread messages By default, MailStore Server archives emails... Read More