Process Automation Benefits

Most companies have always known many of the benefits of automating their processes. In a good deal of these cases, the development time and costs usually out-weight the benefits. Using  Quik Flow, business managers can automate processes in a matter of hours instead of weeks by using an intuitive, graphical process design tool. All of the back-end database, load-balancing, multi-threading, and security details are already taken care of.

By automating processes, a company may realize on or more of the following benefits:

• Automatic Process Documentation: All of the steps, information, and people involved are listed about a process. This information can be shared and survive employee turnover.

• Process Tracking: Every action in a process is monitored and can be viewed by managers. Every action taken by every user is logged into a database and can be viewed at a later date if needed. Task due dates and schedules are tracked and monitored. Overdue tasks can be escalated.

• Less Paper/Lost Information: Many manual processes are currently done using paper forms and documents. Information on paper can be easily lost or hard to track when necessary.




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