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Please see the “Web Interface Guide” for information on the day-to-day usage of the Quik Flow Suite. The information in that guide will be applicable to most users of the system. The “Designer Guide” should be reviewed by... Read More
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Role Based Security in each process is role based. Many specific areas of a process can be secured to allow only specific groups of people access. Security in the Quik Flow Suite is defined at its highest level as a collection of groups. These groups... Read More
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Processes Processes are well-defined sets of actions, data, participants, and workflow. A process can be procedures such as a “New Hire”, a “Purchase Order”, or a “Product Return”. Processes are made up of three... Read More
Quik Flow Components
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Web Interface The Web Interface is where most users will spend most of their time when using the Quik Flow Suite. The Web Interface is accessed by most standard Internet web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. The... Read More
Process Automation Benefits
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Most companies have always known many of the benefits of automating their processes. In a good deal of these cases, the development time and costs usually out-weight the benefits. Using  Quik Flow, business managers can automate processes in a... Read More