Configuring IM Preferences


  • Now you are going to change your preferences, Click on QuikBox IM and click on Preferences.








  • Select the 12:00pm to change the time stamp. 


  • On the left click on Login
  • Select the Launch on Startup
  • Also the Time till idle (min) message is set to 3 minutes and it will let other users know you are away from your computer automatically after 3 minutes when you have left your computer. 




  • This is just to show you which folder your files will store into automatically should you decide to go back and search for them. 




  • Here you can edit your sounds and add your own sounds if you would like to.  






  • Click on Notifications and select the box that says Bring Window to Front box.
  • Select the Show toast pop upthis will make a small box appear to the right bottom corner and show a preview of the message.


This will bring the instant messaging box to pop up and become your main screen when you have received a instant message. 



  •  Enable Taskbar flashing
  • This will make the instant message box at the bottom of the screen on the taskbar to begin to flash continuously when you receive a message. 



  • Select  to check your spelling.
  • You may enable the Enable Auto Spellchecking but please be advised selecting this will substitute any word that is does not recognize automatically. 


Please refer to How To Use Your Client IM (Instant Messaging) to go to the next step. 

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