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Welcome to QuikKB Knowledge Base Software Thank you for purchasing QuikKB Knowledge Base Software - The best, quick and smartest way to start and manage your own knowledge base system. QuikKB Knowledge Base Software allows you to create an unlimited,... Read More
Admin Dashboard
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The home screen or the dashboard is shown when you log in or click the dashboard link on the top links. PHPKB dashboard presents and organizes your daily usage information in a way that is easy to read. It contains header section to reach out to... Read More
Logging into Quik Smart KB Admin Control Panel
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Open the Internet Browser and type the path to your knowledgebase in address bar and hit enter or click on go button. Login screen will be displayed.   Enter your username and password to log in. Click the Login button. If your details... Read More
End User Interface
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The end-user interface/front end in QuikKB Knowledge Base Software is what your knowledge base readers, who are reading the articles, see.     The QuikKB Knowledge Base Software has very interactive and user friendly front-end. The QuikKB... Read More
Header Links
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Header contains links to KB home, advanced search, news, glossary, ask question, member login area and language drop down to change the language of knowledgebase. KB Home When you first enter the screen the KB Home page is displayed. You can click... Read More
Other Interface options
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Quick Search Box PHPKB Knowledge Base has Quick Search in header, available on every page to easily search for articles. Just type the text into the search field for a quick search, or you can search on other options from Advanced Search. ... Read More