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  1. Cleaning up scanned PDFs There are two ways to "erase" elements from a PDF. Edit PDF Image A) Using Eraser Tool Assuming you're on the latest version of Enterprise Organizer: Open the PDF in the Edit tab Click the Edit PDF Image button on the main toolbar (if you see a warn... Read More
  2. Adding your signature to a PDF   In Enterprise Organizer Pro, you can place an image on the page as though you were using a rubber stamp.  It comes with a number of default stamps, and you can also create your own custom stamps.  This is a very convenient way to re... Read More
  3. Redaction on Scanned PDFs   How to redact or hide confidential information on scanned PDFs Assuming you're on the latest version of Enterprise Organizer Pro: Open the PDF in the Edit tab Click the Edit PDF Image button on the main toolbar (if you see a warning... Read More
  4. Redaction on Native PDFs   How to redact or hide confidential information on PDFs Open the PDF in the PDF Editor Click on the Rectangle Tool button on the editor's toolbar; this will display a Properties Toolbar On the Properties Toolbar, set bo... Read More
  5. PDF security tab This option allows using PDF security.   PDF security: Enable this option allows to enable or disable the PDF security. Owner password this is the owner password for the PDF document. This password needs to be set to change all other PDF securit... Read More
  6. PDF Tab This option allows populating the Document Properties of the PDF   Fields displaying the metadata browser icon can be populated with a metadata value. Properties: Title the Title PDF property. Author the Author PDF property. Subject the Subject ... Read More
  7. PDF conversion tab If the imported files are PDF files please specify the PDF specs of the file, this will prevent increase in file-size after image processing. NOTE: if the PDF specs are not defined the file-size difference between the original imported file and the s... Read More
  8. Benefits of Text-Searchable PDF Scanning is easy — now finding what you scanned is just as simple.  Text Searchable PDF files are just as interoperable and secure as regular image PDFs, but with content that can be indexed by search engines (such as Entperprise Organizer... Read More
  9. PDF Settings The PDF settings are available from the Settings button > PDF option. PDF Compression These settings control how images are compressed when you scan or convert a document to PDF. One compression method might work better than the others for the kinds ... Read More
  10. Advanced PDF Conversion If you want to quickly convert a document to PDF, just select it and click the PDF Actions button > Convert to PDF (see Convert to PDF). But there's also an Advanced PDF Conversion feature, which gives you more options. To use this feature: Select an... Read More
  11. Unstack PDF The Unstack PDF feature splits a PDF at regular intervals into separate files. To use this feature: Select your PDF in the Manage view, OR ...Open the PDF in the Edit view Click PDF Actions > Unstack Document Provide a filename for the new PDFs Speci... Read More
  12. Split PDF The Split PDF feature splits a PDF at a specified point into two files. To use this feature: Select your PDF in the Manage view, OR ...Open the PDF in the Edit view Click PDF Actions > Split Document Choose what page to split at Provide a filename fo... Read More
  13. Print PDFs The Print PDFs feature is a quick, easy way to print multiple PDFs at once. To use this feature: Select at least one PDF in the Manage view Click PDF Actions > Print PDFs If you want to, add other PDFs to the list with the Add File button Arra... Read More
  14. Combine PDFs The Combine PDFs feature merges or "stacks" multiple PDFs into a single file. To use this feature: Select at least one PDF in the Manage view, OR ...Open all of the PDFs in the Editview Click PDF Actions > Combine Documents If you're in the Manage ... Read More
  15. Convert to PDF The Convert feature makes a PDF copy of a file. It works with many kinds of files, including most office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, etc.). It can also convert a PDF file to a TIFF image. To use this feature: Select the file in the... Read More
  16. Using Acrobat for PDF Preview; Common Problems You can use Acrobat for previewing PDF files in Enterprise Organizer Pro's preview window. This article describes how to set it up and potential problems you may run into. What Edition of Acrobat? For best results, install the most recent version of ... Read More
  17. Alternate PDF Thumbnailing If some of your PDFs don't show as thumbnails in the "Manage" view (for example, they are just black), change this setting:- Go to Enterprise Organizer Pro's Settings- Select "Manage Files" on the left- Select "Use Alternate PDF Thumbnailing"- Click ... Read More
  18. Speed Up PDF Conversion and OCR OCR is the slowest part of the conversion process. Here are some tips to speed it up: More RAM? QuikFile is actually fairly light on RAM. If you have a relatively clean, fast-running machine, increasing the RAM won't usually make a difference. Here's... Read More
  19. - PDF Overview The heart of a paperless office is the PDF file. The PDF file is also at the heart of Enterprise Organizer, with numerous time-saving features that make it simple to create and work with PDF files. This topic will help you get started. To open a PDF ... Read More
  20. Enterprise Organizer Pro’s "Save" Dialog Doesn’t Always Work with the Adobe PDF Printer When you print a document to PDF using the Adobe Acrobat print driver, a Save dialog appears, asking you where the PDF file should be saved. Enterprise Organizer Pro can often replace this Save dialog with the Enterprise Organizer Pro Save dialog. Bu... Read More
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