Metadata is information that a file can have attached to it. You can attach information like: comments, title, author, tags, etc.

By default Quick File Share provides ways of attaching comments to files using the "Comment" contextual menu option. For any other type of metadata you need to use the "Metadata" contextual menu option.

Metadata information is stored in "metadata fields". You manage the fields from inside the "Control Panel » System configuration » Metadata" administrative section.

When setting up a metadata field, you can define a list of options. The user will be presented with the predefined list to choose from. If you do not define a list of values, the user will be free to type in any value he wishes.

Every metadata field needs to be part of a "metadata fieldset". Fieldsets can be used to group more fields.

To display certain fieldsets for certain files, you define "metadata filetypes". You can choose for each filetype what fieldsets to be displayed. By defining a fieldset as "generic", its fields will be automatically displayed inside the metadata window, no matter what "file type" the user selects for the file.

Metadata information can be displayed in the list of files as new columns, by clicking the arrow icon that appears while holding the cursor over a column’s header and selecting the metadata fields from the list of possible columns.

Metadata fields, filedsets and filetypes created by independent admin user are available only to these users and the user accounts he creates.

To add fields to the field set

1) Open the Field set in the "Edit" mode.

 2) Click "Add" button under the "Fields" section.

 3) Define the field and click "Add Field" button.

4) When you click on "Field sets" again, you’ll see that the number under "Fields" column has been incremented. This indicates that a new field has been successfully added to the Field set.


How to define Metadata Filetypes

To display certain field sets according to the file types like PDF, PNG, docx etc., you can define "Metadata Filetypes"

1) Select "File Types" under Metadata from the control panel.

2) Define the "File type" by giving an appropriate name and selecting the field set that should display for that particular file type. Click on "Add File Type" button to save file type.

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