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Activity notifications
Viewed 987 times since Thu, Mar 6, 2014
Since version 301013, Quik File Share provides a way for the users to quickly see changes made by other users. On the right side of the folders menu, there is a new option that opens a drop-down menu showing a log with the latest actions performed by... Read More
File-based Activity Logs
Viewed 933 times since Thu, Mar 6, 2014
Web File Share keeps an activity log for each file available in the users' home folders. This is completely independent of the user activity log that is accessible by the admin users in the control panel. This log allows the users to see a... Read More
Mozilla Thunderbird FileLink Addon
Viewed 649 times since Mon, Nov 20, 2017
This is an add-on to be used with Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program. This add-on allows you to easily e-mail large file attachments by uploading those attachments to your Web File Share user account and then inserting a web link to the file into the... Read More
Alternate downloads
Viewed 585 times since Mon, Nov 20, 2017
If your RAW photographs are very large and it takes a long time for WebFileShare/ImageMagick to generate a preview, or your 4K videos cannot be previewed by clients with slower Internet connections, it can be more practical to share with your clients... Read More
Viewed 567 times since Mon, Nov 20, 2017
Metadata is information that a file can have attached to it. You can attach information like: comments, title, author, tags, etc. Fields Metadata information is stored in metadata fields. You manage the fields from inside the “Control Panel »... Read More
Desktop sync
Viewed 560 times since Mon, Nov 20, 2017
You can keep your remote folders in sync with your local ones, or the other way around with the desktop sync apps. On the first run, you will be asked to provide your Web File Share installation URL, your Web File Share username and password. You can... Read More
Mobile apps
Viewed 532 times since Mon, Nov 20, 2017
To be able to use the mobile apps with your Web File Share installation you need to enable the API. A SSL enabled web server is required. (Your Web File Share URL needs to start with “https://” and not “http://”). (For testing only, you can... Read More