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  1. Mozilla Thunderbird FileLink Addon This is an add-on to be used with Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program. This add-on allows you to easily e-mail large file attachments by uploading those attachments to your Web File Share user account and then inserting a web link to the file into the... Read More
  2. Header Links Header contains links to KB home, advanced search, news, glossary, ask question, member login area and language drop down to change the language of knowledgebase. KB Home When you first enter the screen the KB Home page is displayed. You can click o... Read More
  3. Adding links to the menu Applies to Web File Share version (291210) The menus are defined inside the file "/path-to-WebFileShare/js/fileman/toolbars_and_menus.js". To add a link on the main toolbar (next to the "Upload" and "File" options), you open the file in a text editor... Read More
  4. Open Text Livelink ECM Overview This module can be used for storing documents under Open Text Livelink. For more detailed information, click the links below: Open Text Livelink ECM - Lookup Open Text Livelink ECM - Browse Open Text Livelink ECM - Store Open Text Livelink ECM - Uplo... Read More
  5. Open Text Livelink ECM - Lookup This module can also be used for lookup purposes, this makes it possible to use values that are stored in the Open Text Livelink database to populate a list with lookup values a user can select from for metadata entry. The user will be asked to prov... Read More
  6. Open Text Livelink ECM - Browse This module can be used for Browse purposes which allows a user to select a location by browsing through the Open Text Livelink folder structure. From the scan device interface, a user will be able to select which Open Text Livelink folder to store a... Read More
  7. Open Text Livelink ECM - Store By selecting the Open Text Livelink ECM module documents can be scanned to the Open Text Enterprise Content Management system. Livelink ECM version and higher are supported. Note: Some additional requirements need to be addressed before the... Read More
  8. Open Text Livelink ECM - Upload properties Fields that display the metadata browser icon can be populated with a metadata value Upload properties Userspecify the user who will be the owner of the document in Livelink. Use personal workspace by selecting this option the scanned document ... Read More
  9. Web Links vs Internal Folder Sharing Internal Folder Sharing Web Link Sharing Sharing Options - When should I use "Web Links" vs Folder "Sharing"?  See below.   Folder Sharing Option Use the folder "Sharing" option when you want to share a folder or folder structure... Read More
  10. Sharing Folders with Web Links Overview Share Files & Folders virtually anywhere!  Use this method to share content with non-Web File Share users.  You can quickly & easily create and share Web Links to share photos, videos, or any other file type on Internet websites... Read More
  11. Linked Drawers It is possible to have a drawer that physically resides outside of its file cabinet. Under normal circumstances, all drawers are subfolders of the file cabinet (see The Cabinet Structure). However, you can create a shortcut to an outside folder and h... Read More
  12. "Email as Link" Doesn’t Work with Outlook Issue The Send > Email as Link option doesn't work with Outlook. Solution By default, Outlook treats .lnk (shortcut) files as unsafe and blocks them. There is a way to change this security setting and make Outlook allow .lnk fi... Read More
  13. Link a File to Multiple Folders You can have a file listed in multiple locations in Enterprise Organizer Pro. Any one of the "links" opens the same document. The scheme consists of a "source" or "original" file, which is the real file, and then "links" or "shortcuts" to the real fi... Read More
  14. Sharing Files with Web Links Overview Share Files & Folders virtually anywhere!  Use this method to share content with non-Web File Share users.  You can quickly & easily create and share Web Links to share photos, videos, or any other file type on Inte... Read More
  15. When You Click a Web Link, Enterprise Organizer Pro’s "Open" Dialog Pops Up Symptom When you click on a web link, like in an email message in Outlook, a Enterprise Organizer Pro "Open" dialog pops up. The title caption is "Locate Link in Browser". Cause While this seems like a problem with Enterprise Organizer Pro because a ... Read More
  16. Getting Started with QuikSearch To search, enter the IP-address of QuikSearch in your Chrome browser. The address can be obtained from your system administrator.   Note For it to work effectively and open file links, you’ll need to install QuikBox Links Chrome extension ... Read More
  17. The API Quick start for PHP developers Read the Authorization section bellow to understand the requirements. Follow “a new client application” Download and use the Web File Share PHP API Client library: Read More
  18. Custom even scripts Custom PHP scripts can be automatically executed when the users perform one of the monitored actions (Actions_keynames). For example, to automatically run custom PHP code after a file is uploaded, you can simply place a PHP file named “upload.... Read More
  19. Automatic Login If you wish to automatically login visitors to WebFileShare without asking them to fill in the login form, there are two ways: Using a custom link http://YOUR-SITE.COM/WebFileShare/?page=login&action=login&nonajax=1&username=USERNAME&... Read More
  20. Overview A feature of the Quik Flow Server allows for two servers to be linked to one another in a development-production relationship. The development server contains working, or development, copies of processes and process data. This server is used to test ... Read More
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