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  1. Convert all your old Image PDFs & Tiffs to Text Searchable PDFs ... Read More
  2. test asdfasdfas   Nick Sanjaya Duane                    ... Read More
  3. Video Summary Comprehensive Video List Standard Scan Pack Videos Batch Scan to Text Searchable PDF (Using Common Separator Pages) Standard Scan Pack - Scan to Word Hot Folder OCR - Convert PDFs to MS Word format Quik File Professional - Enterprise PDF... Read More
  4. Standard Scan Pack - What’s New (2014-05-22) Some files were incorrectly reported as "Cancelled by User" when in fact they were aborted because they froze. New "Failed" tab to give you a quick look at failed files. Improved the detection and handling of files that get hung... Read More
  5. Add a Destination This topic will help you add a destination. Think of a destination as a way to tell QuikFile how to save a file. A destination tells QuikFile: Where to save the file How to name the file What file format to use You'll use destinations in two places: ... Read More
  6. Enterprise Organizer Pro - What’s New FileCenter Change Log (2014-05-22) We now check a folder's write permission before trying to scan into it, so we can fail gracefully with a good error message. Sometimes the PDF Printer would get stuck at 0%. The Outlook Add-in would sometim... Read More
  7. Production Color and Black & White Installation & Training Installation Expectations Machine & Fiery Installation setup: On-site or remote network installation assistance Setup of machine defaults including banner pages, paper tray defaults, power saver mode, default screens & accessibility, scan &am... Read More
  8. WorkCentre/Phaser MFP Installation & Training Installation Expectations Machine Installation setup: On-site or remote network installation assistance Setup of machine defaults including banner pages, paper tray defaults, power saver mode, default screens & accessibility, scan & fax setti... Read More
  9. Enabling & Configuration of Air Print 2 Options for displaying Air Print - By default Air Print is hidden. Option #1 1.  Download & Install the AirPrint DLM - Click Here (For All Connect Key Devices) 2.  Open a web browser and go to http://Device IP Address/diagno... Read More
  10. Exact Synergy Enterprise - Upload properties The store functionality of the Exact Synergy Enterprise module of ScanFlowStore allows uploading documents with property values into an existing Exact Synergy Enterprise system. After the connection settings were specified on the Store tab , the prop... Read More
  11. Exact e-Synergy -Upload properties Document: Name the name of the field that need to be filled. Value the value that need to be used for filling the field. Default value a default value for the field. This default value will be used if no value is supplied using metadata. DataType ba... Read More
  12. Zone OCR Tab An OCR zone is a part of a page, where an optical character recognition processing is performed to find barcodes or simple texts. The recognized value of a barcode or the recognized text in the zone (called the extracted data of the zone) can be used... Read More
  13. Flow Tab File conversion: Allows to convert the scanned original into one of the following formats: CSV / CSV unicode Excel / Excel XLSX JPEG OpenDocument Text PDF - Image-only (version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and PDF/A; with or without MRC compression)Note: the ... Read More
  14. Flow module In ScanFlowStore, flow modules will be used for various image processing functions. One of the flow modules is the Advanced Image Processing module, this module is used for converting the scanned documents into a variety of industry standard digital... Read More
  15. Winshare in Configuration: Enable use this option to enable or disable this trigger. Title the name of the trigger. Description optional field to enter a description to identify the trigger. Scan every day at allows a trigger to perform a scan only once a day. C... Read More
  16. Email in IMPORTANT: the Email in module will pull all email messages from the mailbox. Email messages that do not have an attachment will be deleted, therefore it is not recommended to use a mailbox that is also used to receive "normal" email. A dedicated mai... Read More
  17. Welcome to Advanced Scan Pack Advanced Scan Pack gives the ability to create digital archives in a simple and efficient way by scanning directly from your scan device. Built on the Microsoft .NET framework this server-based program works with new and legacy multifunction systems ... Read More
  18. Troubleshooting This topic describes some of the errors you might encounter. Skipped Files If QuikFile encounters a file that it can't convert, it will note an error in the logs and give the file a Skipped status. QuikFile may skip a file for any of these reasons: T... Read More
  19. Feature Overview To help you get started using QuikFile, here is a list of key features: Convert Image Files to Searchable PDF QuikFile will convert image files (usually scanned documents or faxes) to searchable PDF format. This means that the new file will have a tr... Read More
  20. Introduction to QuikFile QuikFile is an easy-to-use, bulk-conversion utility for converting image files – like scans and faxes – into searchable PDF files. It can also convert to TXT or TIFF formats. QuikFile will watch specific folders for new files to convert, ... Read More
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