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Adding a user
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To create a new user account follow these steps: Open the control panel. Select “Users”. Click “Create new”. Fill in the form: Required fields: Username Name Home folder Click “Submit” to create the user with the... Read More
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Devices managed by the program can include various scan devices.A scan device must be added to the program before it can be managed. Adding scan devices can be done in two ways, either by defining the IP address of the scan device manually, or by... Read More
Adding a scan device
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Once a trigger has been created, it must be published to a scan device before it is available to scan documents. Publishing a trigger makes it available for use by all users. Triggers will be published as scan templates. Scan templates are said to be... Read More
Device authentication
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The program will read the Session object of the scan device to obtain the authenticated user information when Device Authentication is enabled. The obtained user information will then be used to log on to the InterActive Client. Because the program... Read More
Templates tab
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Click the pencil icon to add any Templates and/or Users/Groups. Templates: Selected templates specify what triggers should be available on the scan device. Note that the service type of the scan device must be the same as the service type of the... Read More