Manage Outlook Drawers

In an Outlook cabinet, you create drawers from the names in an Outlook contact list. The easiest way to manage the creation of drawers is from the Manage Drawers dialog, which is available from a number of places (see Outlook Cabinets for a list). This topic describes how to use the dialog.

The List of Contacts

The main list in the dialog shows all of the contacts in the contact list. This is where you’ll select contacts to include in Enterprise Organizer Pro. By default, it only shows the contacts that do not already have drawers. To show all contacts, select the Show Existing Drawers option.

Filter the List

If you use Outlook categories with your contacts, you can filter the contact list by category. The available categories are listed to the right of the list. Select the categories you want to see. If you select more than one category, any contact that falls into either category will be displayed.

Search for a Contact

To quickly search for a contact, use the Locate field. Type a few letters from the contact’s name, and you’ll jump to that contact in the list. Enterprise Organizer Pro will first search the beginning of each contact’s name for a match, then will try to match the characters anywhere in the name.

Create Drawers

To include contacts in Enterprise Organizer Pro, select them on the list, then click Create Drawer. A confirmation dialog will appear. If everthing looks ok, click Create Drawer(s) on the confirmation dialog. A drawer will be added for each contact you selected.

HINT: Select Multiple Contacts

You can select more than one contact at a time. Select a range of contacts by 1) selecting the first contact in the range, 2) holding down the Shift key, and 3) clicking the last contact in the range. You can select a random sequence of contacts by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on them. There’s also a Select All button provided.

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