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Add A Cabinet
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To create a new cabinet, click the Cabinets button to get the cabinet manager, then click the Add button. NOTE: Not all of these options are available when you edit a cabinet. Basic Settings Every cabinet must have a unique name and a location. The... Read More
Outlook Cabinets
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An Outlook cabinet is different than a standard cabinet in that you can draw on an Outlook contact list for creating drawers. You can automatically add drawers for every contact in the list, or you can add them on an as-needed basis. Either way, an... Read More
Linked Drawers
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It is possible to have a drawer that physically resides outside of its file cabinet. Under normal circumstances, all drawers are subfolders of the file cabinet (see The Cabinet Structure). However, you can create a shortcut to an outside folder and... Read More
Drawer Basics
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This topic describes the basics of working with drawers: add, select, rename, delete. Adding Drawers Add a drawer to the current cabinet from the Drawers task button > New Drawer. You'll be prompted for a name (note the restrictions below). If you... Read More
Advanced Cabinets
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An advanced cabinet is for users who have important folders spread all over their computer. With an advanced cabinet, every drawer has its own location assignment. This makes it possible to bring scattered locations together and display them as... Read More
Disallowing Deletions
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When you create or edit a file cabinet, you have the option to disallow drawer, folder and file deletions. This will prevent you from deleting any of these items from within the main Enterprise Organizer Pro interface. It will also prevent you from... Read More
Cabinet Types
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At the simplest level, a Enterprise Organizer Pro "cabinet" is just like a filing cabinet with drawers, folders, and files. They store any kind of file and can adapt to almost any organization style. This makes them perfect for business users and... Read More
Cabinet Basics
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Adding Cabinets The easiest way to create a new cabinet is from the Cabinets button > Add. For help with the cabinet options, see Add A Cabinet. You can also create a new cabinet from the Explorer view. Just select the cabinet's location, then click... Read More
Pinning Drawers
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One of the advantages of an Advanced Cabinet is that it can show drawers from a lot of different locations. This makes it possible to pick and choose certain drawers from your other cabinets and show them together in an advanced cabinet. In... Read More
The Cabinet Structure
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Enterprise Organizer Pro uses regular Windows folders to store your files in. The cabinet's structure is based on the folder layout, as seen here: Cabinet A file cabinet "points" to any folder or drive. Everything inside of this location will... Read More
Archiving Drawers
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One excellent strategy for preventing file cabinet bloat is to maintain a separate cabinet as an archive for older drawers. Set up a new file cabinet as described Cabinet Basics and name it "Archive" (or whatever fits your needs). Assuming that you... Read More
The Cabinet Files Drawer
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Normally a file cabinet will not have any files in the cabinet's main folder. In other words, all files will go in folders and drawers. To understand why, see The Cabinet Structure. If there happen to be files in the main folder, you can expose a... Read More
Creating and using folder templates
Viewed 1745 times since Mon, Jun 2, 2014
Adding a folder Template To add or edit a Folder Template, go to the Tools button > Folder Templates, then click the Add or Edit button. Then enter the following: Template Name Each Folder Template must have a unique name. The name is only used to... Read More
Folder Basics
Viewed 1712 times since Mon, Oct 28, 2013
This topic describes the basis of working with folders: add, select, rename, delete. Adding Folders Create a new folder from the Folders task button > New Folder or New Top Level Folder. The New Folder option creates a folder under the current... Read More
Using an Inbox
Viewed 1648 times since Mon, Oct 28, 2013
In file-intensive offices, a lot of the daily work can revolve around sorting incoming files. These files might come from a network scanner, a fax server, or any number of different programs. Enterprise Organizer Pro provides a tool to help you... Read More
Add Multiple Drawers/Folders
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The Add Multiple Items feature will let you easily create many new drawers or folders at once, either from a hand-typed list or from a file. Access this feature from either the Drawers or Folders task button > Add Multiple Drawers/Folders. Where Will... Read More
Manage Cabinets
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The Enterprise Organizer Pro Cabinets dialog is where you manage all aspects of your file cabinets and other tabs that show up along the top of Enterprise Organizer Pro. To access the dialog, use the Cabinets button: Creating and Modifying... Read More