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Cabinet Layout
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In a paper file cabinet, drawers simply contain a range of file folders. For example, one drawer may cover a range of letters, like A-G. This kind of layout might make sense when you're dealing with paper, but the same doesn't hold true in an... Read More
File Naming Convention
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Many things go into a well-organized filing system: a good cabinet structure, consistent use of folders and subfolders, and a clear, consistent file naming convention. With all of these in place, you'll have no trouble finding files even years in the... Read More
Handling Appointments & Active Cases
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In many offices, you only work with a small subset of your clients, customers or patients at a time. For example, in a medical practice your primary concern is just dealing with the daily appointments. If you could "pull" those patient records in... Read More
Repetitive Scanning
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Most offices and businesses do repetitive scanning. In other words, they scan the same basic documents/forms repeatedly. A perfect example is a doctor's office. The office has every new patient fill out the same patient intake forms. Scanning and... Read More