Scanning Profiles

You may have two or three different ways you scan 90% of the time. Changing the same settings over and over can be a real nuisance, not to mention inefficient and error-prone. Enterprise Organizer Pro solves this problem by letting you store your most common scanner settings as "profiles", or presets. When you want to do a different kind of scan, all you have to do is select a different profile and Enterprise Organizer Pro will apply the right settings for you. This topic describes the simple steps for setting up and using profiles.

NOTE: For a description of the available options, see Scanning Options.

Selecting a Profile

When you scan, you’ll see an option on the scan dialog called Profile. Use this to choose a profile or create a new one.

Tip: You can select a profile then change the options a bit. That’s not a problem. Just select the profile you want on the list, then tweak the settings. The changes won’t stick with the profile unless you click Save.

Creating a Profile

The easiest way to create a new profile is when you do a scan. Just do the following:

  1. Start a new scan
  2. Click the New button next to the profile list
  3. Give the profile a name and click OK
  4. Select the settings you want for this profile
  5. Click the Save button next to the profile list to save the settings

Whenever you scan, you can select your new profile from the list to recall the settings.

Editing a Profile

You can update a profile the same way. Just select your profile on the list, update the settings, then click Save.

Picking a Default Profile

One profile will be your default profile. Enterprise Organizer Pro defaults to this profile until you pick another one.

  1. Go to Settings > Scan
  2. Under Default Profile, select the profile you want to make the default
  3. Click OK

Managing Your Profiles

You can make most changes to your profiles right on the Scan dialog. For more advanced management, go to the drop-arrow under the Scan button > Manage Profiles.

Re-Order the Profiles

Here you can choose the order for your profiles. Use Sort to order them alphabetically, or the arrow buttons to arrange them manually.

Additional Option: Default Scan Name

When you edit a profile from the Manage Profiles dialog, you’ll see an additional option: Default Scan Name. New scans will default to this name when you scan in the Manage tab. Naming Options are available. The Default Scan Name comes in handy for speed scanning with profiles, described below.

NOTE: If you have a file selected in Manage view when you start your scan, that file name will override the Default Scan Name.

Speed Scanning with Profiles

If you have profiles set up, you can skip the Scan dialog completely.

Click the drop-arrow under the Scan button. You’ll notice your scan profiles listed at the bottom of the menu. Select a profile to begin scanning immediately using that profile’s options.

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