Repetitive Scanning

Most offices and businesses do repetitive scanning. In other words, they scan the same basic documents/forms repeatedly. A perfect example is a doctor’s office. The office has every new patient fill out the same patient intake forms. Scanning and naming these forms is a very repetitive task.

Given how much time an office spends on this kind of scanning every day, Enterprise Organizer Pro’s goal is to streamline it as much as possible.


Enterprise Organizer Pro’s Separators feature is the fastest way possible to automatically scan, name and sort. Separators are special cover sheets that you place over each individual document. The cover sheets tell Enterprise Organizer Pro how and where to save each document.

For example, suppose that the doctor’s office always names patient intake forms the same way. To scan with separators, they create one separator for each of the intake forms. When a patient hands in their forms, the office staff:

  1. Puts the proper separator on each form
  2. Selects the patient’s drawer in Enterprise Organizer Pro
  3. Scans the whole stack of forms

Enterprise Organizer Pro takes care of everything from here. When the scan comes in, it will find the separators, break apart the stack into individual files, then save each file into the patient’s drawer using the right filename.

Note that this can be a two mouse-click operation: select the right drawer, then click Scan. Everything else is automated. (To automatically start scanning when you click the Scan button, see Settings > General > Scan Button Action).

See Separator Basics for help making and using separators.

Eliminating Separators Completely

It’s possible to streamline this flow even further by eliminating separators completely.

If you look at a printed separator, you’ll see a series of codes at the top. These codes are all that Enterprise Organizer Pro needs. If you can print these codes on your forms, you can eliminate the need to print and insert paper separators. Enterprise Organizer Pro will automatically recognize the forms based on their codes.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Set up your separators in Enterprise Organizer Pro.
  2. Print the separators so you can see their codes.
  3. Take the three lines of codes on the top left-hand and right-hand sides of the separator and insert them in the top 10% of your form.
  4. Go to Enterprise Organizer Pro’s Settings > Separators and select Keep Separators in Destination Documents, then click OK.

Here’s an example of how to insert the codes; spacing doesn’t matter as long as there is some separation between codes:

sEp4B  sEp4B
8392938  253292453
253292453  8392938

Try to use a standard font, like Times, Arial or Courier. Also be aware that tiny and huge font sizes are harder for Enterprise Organizer Pro to interpret.

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