Electronic Separators

The disadvantage of using printed separators is that you have to worry about inserting them, removing them, and keeping them organized. Electronic Separators are a convenient alternative. These are the same separators, but instead of printing them and using them like cover sheets, you insert them into the PDF after you’re done scanning.

How to Use Electronic Separators

Electronic separators are very easy to use. You just click the Tools button > Insert Separator, and pick a separator from the list. Enterprise Organizer Pro will insert an electronic copy of it into your scan at the current page. Here are more detailed instructions:

Step 1: Scan or Open

First, scan your stack of documents or open a saved scan from file. If you’re scanning, DO NOT perform OCR at this time.

Step 2: Insert Separators

Select the first page of any document in the scan. Now click the Tools button > Insert Separator.

You will see a list of your separators. Select the one you want, then click Insert. You will be asked whether you want to insert it before or after the current page. Make your choice (usually before) and click OK.

Repeat these steps for every document in the scan.

Step 3: Process

When you’re done inserting separators, it’s time to process the document. You do this by running OCR. Click the Recognize Text button and select either Recognize Text (if you want to do full OCR) or Process Separators Only (if you don’t want OCR text in your documents). Enterprise Organizer Pro will run OCR and then split apart your scan into separate files.

If you used generic separators, those documents will be split into new, unsaved files in Enterprise Organizer Pro as described in Generic Separators.

Documents following standard separators will be split off into their own files, saved, and closed automatically. You’ll see the filenames show up in the Processed Files list as a confirmation that they were saved out (View menu > Processed Files).

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