Standard Separators

Standard separators have two functions: 1) separate documents, and 2) automatically save the documents based on options that you define. You will create, print and manage your separators from the Tools button > Separators. The options below are available when you create or edit a separator.

Separator Name

Each separator must have a unique name. Try to use a name that is as descriptive as possible. This will help you recognize the separator after it’s printed.

Use as Bookmark Separator

If you select this option, the separator will insert a bookmark in the PDF instead of splitting it. The bookmark will use the name of the separator. No other options are available for bookmark separators.

Separator Destinations

Separators must have at least one destination. A destination is a set of options for auto-saving a document, like file name, path, file format, etc. To add a destination, click the Add button under the list of destinations in the Add Separator dialog. Then follow the instructions in Separator Destinations.


A separator can have more than one destination. When the separator is processed, the document will be saved to every destination on the separator.

Begin a New Document Every ___ Pages

A single separator can optionally split a document at fixed page intervals. For example, suppose that you scan a whole stack of documents at once. Every document in the stack is exactly 3 pages long. A single separator at the beginning of the stack can split the document into individual files every three pages.

To enable this functionality, select the option Automatically Begin New Document Every ___ Pages and enter the number of pages you want in each document.

To use this separator:

  • Put it at the beginning of the stack
  • Only insert it once
  • It will affect every document following it
  • It will remain in effect until the end of the file, or until Enterprise Organizer Pro runs into another separator

Choose among Destinations ...

If a separator has more than one destination, Enterprise Organizer Pro can print the separator as a check-list of destinations. Each destination is an option you can select by marking it. After you scan with this kind of separator, Enterprise Organizer Pro will only save to the destination(s) that you’ve marked.

To enable this functionality, select the option Choose among Destinations by marking on printed Separator.

To use this separator:

  • Set up each choice as a destination in the separator
  • Print the separator
  • Note that each destination begins with:   (  -  )
  • On the printed separator, mark the destination(s) you want to use by putting a short vertical line through the hyphen
  • Scan

To mark a destination, your goal is just to destroy the hyphen ("-"). A short vertical line through the hyphen is all it takes. A small "x" through the hyphen will also work. But it’s critical that your mark not touch the parentheses and not extend above or below the parentheses.


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