Separator Basics

The most efficient way to scan is to run whole stacks of documents through the scanner. But this puts all of the documents into one file, leaving the problem of how to separate the documents afterwards.

Enterprise Organizer Pro solves this problem with Separators. Separators are special pages that go between your documents when you scan. A separator shows Enterprise Organizer Pro where a new document begins so that Enterprise Organizer Pro can put the document in its own file.

Document separation is just the beginning. The real power of Enterprise Organizer Pro’s separators is in autosaving or routing files. Each separator can specify routing and filename information. Not only will Enterprise Organizer Pro split the document into its own file, it will save the file wherever you want it to go. Using separators, it is possible to convert a large batch of files from the scanner and automatically save every file to a different location.

How Do I Create Separators?

Separators are easy to create and print right inside of Enterprise Organizer Pro.

Are There Separators That Only Separate?

There are three kinds of separators:

Generic Separators
Generic separators only have one purpose: separating documents. They do not have any auto-saving or routing rules. 
Standard Separators
Standard separators have a number of features and options, like fixed-length page separation, filename rules, selectable conversion formats, etc. 
Bookmark Separators
Bookmark separators work a little bit differently. Instead of splitting the document, they place a bookmark in the PDF. This is actually a variation on Standard Separators

When Does Separation Happen?

Separation happens with OCR. One of the OCR options is to Process Separators. If this option is selected, Enterprise Organizer Pro will look for separators in the document. It identifies them by the special codes at the top of the separator page.

How Do I Share Separators with Other Users?

You can share your database of separators on the network so everyone can use the same separators. See Separator Settings.

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