Combine PDFs

The Combine PDFs feature merges or "stacks" multiple PDFs into a single file. To use this feature:

  1. Select at least one PDF in the Manage view, OR ...
    Open all of the PDFs in the Editview

  2. Click PDF Actions > Combine Documents
  3. If you’re in the Manage view, select other PDFs with the Add File button
  4. Arrange the PDFs in the right order
  5. Choose where you want to save the combined PDF


Another way to combine PDFs is to just drag/drop them onto each other in Manage view. You’ll be asked whether you want to append or pre-pend, and you’ll have a chance to confirm the stacking order.


Combine puts the PDFs in a stack. To insert a PDF into another one, use the Insert PDF feature.

Files to Combine

This list shows the files in order. This order will be followed in the combined PDF. Re-order the files with the Up and Down buttons.

If you’re working in the Manage view, you can use the Add File button to add other files to the list.

Close/Delete Files after Combining

Since you’re pulling the files together into one file, you might want to close or delete the originals when you’re done. In the Manage view, you’ll be deleting the files. In the Edit view, you’ll be closing the files. There is no way to undo this operation.


It’s a good practice to wait until you’re sure that the Combine operation worked, and then delete the source files yourself.


The Destination is where you’ll save the combined PDF.

New File
The PDFs are combined into a new PDF. In Manage view, you’ll need to provide a filename for the new PDF. It will be created in the current drawer/folder.
Overwrite a File in the List Above
The Overwrite option replaces one of your existing PDFs with the new, combined PDF. Use the drop-list to choose which file to replace. 
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