The Application Bar

Enterprise Organizer Pro features an Application Bar, a convenient panel of links to your most-used Windows programs. The Application Bar appears at the bottom of the main Enterprise Organizer Pro interface.

Showing and Hiding the Application Bar

If the Application Bar is not showing, select the Enterprise Organizer Pro Views button > Application Bar. Selecting this option again will hide the Application Bar.

Using the Application Bar

The Application Bar is a quick launcher for your commonly-used Windows programs. Simply click once on an icon to open that program.

You will notice a small drop-arrow button to the right of many application icons. Clicking this arrow will display a menu of the documents most recently accessed in that program. Select a document from the list to open it in the program. Use this as a very handy way to quickly and easily re-open recent documents.

It is also possible to drag files from the Enterprise Organizer Pro Files view and drop them onto one of the program icons. This will cause the file to be opened in that application, if possible. This feature is useful for opening a file in a different program than its default Windows program. For example, RTF files are normally opened in Microsoft Word or in WordPad. If, however, you would like to open an RTF file in WordPerfect, simply drag the file onto the WordPerfect icon.


Customizing the Application Bar

You can determine the applications which will appear in the Application Bar, the order of the icons, and the size of the icons.

To customize the list of icons and their order, see Application Bar Settings.

To change the size of the icons in the Application Bar, click anywhere in the white space of the Application Bar with the right mouse button. A small pop-up menu will appear. On this menu, select either Small Icons or Large Icons.

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