Naming Option Wizard

You may find that you occasionally need to set up a new naming option on-the-fly, like when you are in the middle of saving or renaming a file. You may even want to building a file name for one-time use using the naming options fields. You can accomplish either of these with the Naming Option Wizard. The Wizard is simply the expression-building dialog for naming options, and it is available everywhere that naming options are available.

Invoking the Wizard

Each of the Enterprise Organizer Pro dialogs that makes use of naming options also provides easy access to the Wizard, or the expression-building dialog. These include the Enterprise Organizer Pro Save, Add a Folder, and Rename File/Folder dialog boxes. The Wizard is invoked by clicking the file/folder name link:

This will pop up a dialog where you can set up a new naming option.

Build a Name

For more information on building a naming expression, see .

Save the Expression for Future Use

If you would like this naming expression to always be available as a suggested name, select the Save as a Naming Option for future use option. This will add the expression to your list of naming options.

If the expression is for one-time use only, deselect this option.

Inserting the Name

When you are done building the naming expression, click the Insert button. Any fields in the expression will be resolved to their values, and the completed name will be inserted into the appropriate Name field of the dialog where you started.

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