The Shared Settings Folder

In order to share Enterprise Organizer Pro settings between users, there needs to be a place on the network where the shared items can be stored. This is known as the Shared Settings Folder.

About the Shared Settings Folder

The shared settings folder can be any folder. The only thing that matters is that all of the network users be able to access it. For simplicity, we recommend you name the folder Shared Settings. For example, if your network drive is N:, then create a folder called N:Shared Settings.


 The shared settings folder is ONLY for settings. It should be separate from your cabinets.

How the Shared Settings Folder Works

When you share Enterprise Organizer Pro items, like cabinets, folder templates, and naming options, Enterprise Organizer Pro saves a copy of the settings in the shared settings folder. For more information on sharing items, see Begin Sharing.

Next you’ll want to point the other computers in your office to the same shared settings folder, so they’ll have access to the shared items. For more information on connecting the other computers, see Set Up the Other Machines.

Folder Permissions

Your machines only need read access to the folder unless you want to allow them to submit shared settings, in which case you should give them read/write access.

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