Sharing Separators

Normally, separators will only be recognized on the machine where they were created. However, in an office environment you may want to be able to share separators between users. For this to work, the users need to share a common separator data file so that separators created by one user are available to the other users.

Step 1: Select a Network Location for the Database

To share separators, first choose a folder on the network where the shared separator database can be stored. This location must be visible to every user who will share the separators. If you’re already sharing other settings, the Shared Settings Folder is a good option (see The Shared Settings Folder).

Step 2: Post the Database

On the machine that already has the separators you want to share, do the following:

  1. Go to the Tools button > Settings
  2. Go to the Separators section on the left
  3. Select Use Custom Location for Separator Database
  4. Browse to the folder you selected in Step 1
  5. Click OK

This will post the separator database to the shared folder, if there isn’t already a separator database there. Now repeat these steps on the rest of the machines to connect them to the database.

Important: Orphaned Separators

For a separator to work, it must be in the separator database.


When you first set up separator sharing, you may end up with some separators that aren’t in the database. For example, suppose that you decided to share Albert’s separators on the network. Albert’s separator database is now the shared database everyone is using. Unfortunately, Barbara had also created some separators on her own machine, but these don’t show up in the new shared separators database. These separators need to be re-created. The current printed copies should be discarded.

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