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Speed Up PDF Conversion and OCR
Viewed 1848 times since Mon, Oct 28, 2013
OCR is the slowest part of the conversion process. Here are some tips to speed it up: More RAM? QuikFile is actually fairly light on RAM. If you have a relatively clean, fast-running machine, increasing the RAM won't usually make a difference. Here's... Read More
How Do Daily Page Limits Work?
Viewed 1416 times since Mon, Oct 28, 2013
Some editions of QuikFile have daily page limits. This means QuikFile will "pause" when the daily page limit is reached, and then pick up where it left off at midnight (or as soon as the first schedule becomes active). Some users wonder what will... Read More
Can’t create output file
Viewed 1002 times since Mon, Oct 28, 2013
If every file results in an error that QuikFile can't create the output files, it's usually because the service either doesn't have permission to access the output location, or the output location is to a mapped drive that doesn't exist for the... Read More
Running QuikFile on a Server
Viewed 900 times since Mon, Oct 28, 2013
When running QuikFile on a server, there are two issues to be aware of: resource usage and multiple logins. Resource Usage QuikFile doesn't require much RAM. However, two things can noticeably degrade system performance: scanning for new files and... Read More