Network Setup

Enterprise Organizer runs easily on the network. There’s nothing to install on the server, and no extra configuration required. For a small office, this is all you need to do:

  1. Install Enterprise Organizer on each workstation
  2. Put any shared cabinets on a network drive
  3. Set up the shared cabinets on each workstation

Remember that a cabinet is just a regular Windows folder. So a "shared cabinet" is really just a folder on a network drive. This can be a folder you’re already using to store shared files, or you can set up a new one. When you "create" the cabinet on each workstation, all you’re doing is making a new tab in Enterprise Organizer and telling Enterprise Organizer what folder belongs to the tab.

For example, if your shared patient files are at s:patients, just go to each workstation, add a "Patients" cabinet, and assign it to s:patients. All workstations will now see the same files when they click the Patients tab in Enterprise Organizer.

For more information on cabinets, see File Management Basics.

Easier Sharing: The Shared Settings Feature

If you have more than just a couple of computers on your network or if you want to share more settings than just cabinets, you should use the Shared Settings feature. This feature provides a simple way to let every computer on the network share the same settings. You’ll only have to set up things like cabinets, naming options, and folder templates one time and every computer will be able to see them automatically.

To learn more about shared settings, see Sharing Basics.

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