- OCR Overview

When you scan to PDF, the PDF will only be "searchable" if you run "text recognition" (OCR). To explain, a scan is just a picture to your computer, even if you can see words. For the computer to see the words, they have to be "recognized" and turned into real text.

When you scan in Enterprise Organizer Professional, you can do this automatically. Just use the Make Searchable PDF option (see Scanning Options). But if you have existing PDF files that aren’t searchable, you’ll need to run OCR yourself. To run OCR:

  1. Open the PDF in Edit view, OR ...
    Select the PDF in the Manage view
  2. Click Recognize Text
  3. Choose any OCR options
  4. Click Start OCR

See Perform OCR for more information.

Other Benefits of OCR

Besides making a PDF searchable, OCR has other benefits:

  • You can highlight text in a searchable PDF
  • You can copy text from a searchable PDF and paste it in other programs
  • If any of the pages are rotated, OCR can turn them back upright
  • OCR can send all of the text to Word for editing

OCR is also necessary for Enterprise Organizer Pro’s Separator feature. See Separator Basics for more information.

What about TIFF Files?

You can use OCR on TIFF files, but your options are more limited. For example, you can’t make a TIFF file searchable. You have to convert it to PDF first (see Convert to PDF). But you can send its text to Word, auto-rotate the pages, and process any separators in the file.

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