General Settings

Access the general settings from the Settings button > General option.

Startup Options

The startup options control the default views when Enterprise Organizer Pro opens:

Startup View

Enterprise Organizer Pro has two main views: the Manage Files view where you organize your files, and the Edit view where you work with PDFs, scan documents, and run OCR. The Startup View option controls which view will show when you start Enterprise Organizer Pro. As you work, you can toggle back and forth between the views freely.

Startup Manage Mode

In Enterprise Organizer Pro, you can manage your files using electronic file cabinets, or using a standard explorer view which shows all of your drives and folders. The Startup Manage Files Mode setting controls which mode Enterprise Organizer Pro will default to. As you work, you can switch freely between the two modes.

Theme Colors

There are a few different color schemes available for the interface. Change the scheme with Theme Colors.

Default Button Actions

Some buttons in Enterprise Organizer Pro have a customizable action:

Separator Button Action

You can have this button either pop up the Manage Separators dialog, or the Add Separator dialog where you can add and print separators on-the-fly.

Scan Button Action

You can choose to have this button open the Scan dialog or perform a quick, basic scan with no prompts or dialogs (using the default scanning profile).

Other Settings

Make Enterprise Organizer Pro Your Default PDF/TIFF Application

This setting makes it so PDF/TIFF files always open in Enterprise Organizer Pro when you double-click them anywhere in Windows.

Don’t Show Tips at Startup

Enterprise Organizer Pro shows helpful tips every time you start it. To hide the tips, select Don’t Show Tips at Startup.

Use Larger Font

This option will use a larger font in the Enterprise Organizer Pro interface. This is helpful for large, high-resolution monitors.

NOTE: You should not use this setting in conjunction with any of the Windows large font settings, like the higher DPI settings. If you’re using the Windows settings, you shouldn’t need to select this option. Only use this option if you want large fonts in Enterprise Organizer Pro but you want to leave your Windows font settings at normal.

Connect to Shared Settings

Use the Connect to Shared Settings option to tell Enterprise Organizer Pro where to get shared settings off the network. See Sharing Basics for more information.

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