PDF Settings

The PDF settings are available from the Settings button > PDF option.

PDF Compression

These settings control how images are compressed when you scan or convert a document to PDF. One compression method might work better than the others for the kinds of documents you scan. Here are typical file sizes when you scan an 8.5 x 11" document with mixed text and graphics at 300 dpi (think of MB as "millions" and KB as "thousands"):

Type Color Gray B & W
JPEG* 4.40 MB 4.00 MB -
JPEG + ZIP* 4.15 MB 3.85 MB -
ZIP 52.0 MB 15.0 MB 475 KB
JBIG2 - - 225 KB
CCITT - - 330 KB
RLE - - 990 KB

*Adjusting the JPEG Quality setting dramatically affects file size. These samples were taken with the quality set at 75, which is a good default setting.

PDF Page Size when Converting from TIFF   (Enterprise Organizer Pro Professional)

When you’re converting from TIFF to PDF, Enterprise Organizer Pro needs to know what size to make the PDF pages. You have two options: force one page size, or base the page size on the dimensions and resolution of the original TIFF image.

NOTE: If you choose to base the PDF size on the dimensions of the original image, run some tests to make sure the results are what you want. Some scanners do not stamp the resolution correctly when they create TIFF files.

Force All Conversions to TIFF as Black and White

When converting from PDF to TIFF, you can force color PDFs to come over as black-and-white images. Some users prefer black-and-white TIFFs because they’re smaller.

Open Custom Stamps Folder

You can use custom or third-party stamps in Enterprise Organizer Pro’s PDF editor. Stamps must be PDF files. To import the stamps, click Open Custom Stamps Folder, then copy or save the PDF stamp collections into the folder.

There are many resources for custom stamps on the Web. A web search for "custom PDF stamp" will lead you to commercial packages as well as instructions for making your own stamps.

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