Outlook Cabinets

An Outlook cabinet is different than a standard cabinet in that you can draw on an Outlook contact list for creating drawers. You can automatically add drawers for every contact in the list, or you can add them on an as-needed basis. Either way, an Outlook cabinet is a good choice if you’re starting from scratch to organize your files and you use Outlook to manage your customers, clients, or patients. It is the perfect way to bridge the gap between Outlook and your day-to-day filing system.

This topic describes Outlook cabinets and how to use them.

Create an Outlook Cabinet

You create an Outlook cabinet just like a standard cabinet – from the Cabinets button > Add. The only difference is that for the cabinet Type, you should select Outlook, then select the Outlook contact list you want to associate with the cabinet.

See Add A Cabinet for more information.

Add Drawers

To add drawers to the cabinet, see Manage Outlook Drawers.

Can I Add Other Drawers?

An Outlook cabinet isn’t limited to your contacts. In other words, you can freely add your own drawers to the cabinet, even if they aren’t tied to a contact.

How Do I Rename a Drawer?

You rename a drawer just like usual – with the F2 key or from the Drawers task button > Rename Drawer.

IMPORTANT: In order for a drawer to stay linked to its contact, the names must match. In other words, if you rename your contact in Outlook, you must rename it in Enterprise Organizer Pro too (and vice versa). This doesn’t happen automatically. Specifically, the File As field in Outlook must match the drawer name.

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