Cabinet Basics

Adding Cabinets

The easiest way to create a new cabinet is from the Cabinets button > Add. For help with the cabinet options, see Add A Cabinet.

You can also create a new cabinet from the Explorer view. Just select the cabinet’s location, then click the Create New Cabinet button on the toolbar:

If you want to create cabinets in bulk or import cabinet definitions, use the Add Multiple Cabinets feature (see Cabinet Basics).

Selecting a Cabinet

Cabinets show up as tabs above the file views. To switch cabinets, just select a different tab.

Removing Cabinets

When you remove a cabinet, you’re just removing the tab from Enterprise Organizer Pro. The actual files will remain intact.

To explain, a file cabinet is like a shortcut to some folder on your computer. Removing a file cabinet simply removes this reference from Enterprise Organizer Pro. All of the data in the file cabinet itself – drawers, folders and files – will remain. You can access them through Windows Explorer. They simply won’t be visible in Enterprise Organizer Pro any longer.

How Do I Delete the Data Too?

If you want to delete a cabinet’s data, just open Windows Explorer, browse out to the folder where the cabinet was, and delete it. This WILL delete all of the files that were in the cabinet!

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