Pinning Drawers

One of the advantages of an Advanced Cabinet is that it can show drawers from a lot of different locations. This makes it possible to pick and choose certain drawers from your other cabinets and show them together in an advanced cabinet. In Enterprise Organizer Pro, this is referred to as "pinning drawers" to an advanced cabinet.

What is "Pinning Drawers"?

"Pinning" is simply a way to "stick" one of your existing drawers to an advanced cabinet. There are a number of reasons why you might want to do this:

Daily Appointments
"Pin" the next day’s appointments to an "Appointments" cabinet. By pinning the drawers for the next day’s clients/patients into a special cabinet, you’ll have quicker access to those files.
If you need to work up billing records for a client or patient, pin their drawer to a "Billing" cabinet.
Set up a cabinet for each office staff member, then "assign" them clients by pinning client drawers to their cabinets.

The important thing to understand about pinning is that the drawer itself does not move. The drawer will continue to reside in its original cabinet, but it will also show up in any advanced cabinet it’s pinned to, almost like a shortcut.

For an example of how pinning can be used and how to set it up, see Handling Appointments & Active Cases.

How to Pin a Single Drawer

To pin a single drawer to an advanced cabinet:

  1. Browse to the drawer
  2. Click the Drawers task button

  3. Select Pin to > [cabinet name]
  4. Select Yeswhen asked to confirm

That’s it. Now switch to your advanced cabinet. You’ll see the drawer. If you select the drawer and notice its path, you’ll see that the drawer itself hasn’t moved – it still resides in its original cabinet. But by pinning it to an advanced cabinet, you now have quick access to the drawer without having to hunt for it.

How to Pin Multiple Drawers

To pin multiple drawers at once:

  1. From any cabinet, go to the Drawers task button
  2. Click Advanced Pinning (if it’s a regular cabinet) or Pin Drawers (if it’s an advanced cabinet)
  3. Select the advanced cabinet you want to pin to; to start a new cabinet, select New and give the cabinet a name
  4. Select the cabinet that has drawers you want to pin
  5. Put a checkmark next to each drawer you want to pin
  6. Click OK

Note that you can only pin from one cabinet at a time.

How to Move Pinned Drawers between Cabinets

You can move a pinned drawer to a different advanced cabinet. Think of it as "re-pinning" the drawer in a different cabinet:

  1. Select the drawer you want to move
  2. Click the Drawers task button
  3. Select Move To ...
  4. Select the cabinet where you want the drawer to go

Clear the Cabinet

You can remove a single drawer by selecting it, then going to the Drawers button > Remove Drawer. To remove all drawers from an advanced cabinet, do the following:

  1. Go to the cabinet
  2. Click the Drawers task button
  3. Select Manage Drawers
  4. Select Remove All Drawers
  5. Select Yes when asked to confirm
  6. Click OK to close the dialog

NOTE: This will remove ALL of the drawers from the cabinet, not just the pinned ones! It will not, however, delete the files themselves. Pinned drawers will continue to reside in their original cabinets. Nothing will be deleted.

Advanced Cabinets Only

Please note that you can only pin drawers to an advanced cabinet. See Advanced Cabinets for more information.

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