Activate Search for a Cabinet

If search isn’t working for a cabinet, you’ll need to index the cabinet. This topic describes how.

Windows Search

Windows handles all indexing for the Windows Search engine. To turn on indexing for a folder:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Click Indexing Options
  3. Click the Modify button
  4. Browse to the drive/folder you want indexed and put a check mark next to it
  5. Click OK

Windows should start indexing the folder. Once indexing finishes, Windows will keep the index up-to-date automatically.

Enterprise Organizer Pro’s Advanced Search  

File searching is handled on a cabinet-by-cabinet basis. In other words, you can activate full-text searching for one cabinet but leave it deactivated on another.

Normally searching is enabled by selecting the Auto Index Cabinet option when you create or edit the cabinet. You can also use the instructions below to index a cabinet immediately.

Activate Search Immediately

To activate file searching for a cabinet:

  1. In the Manage view, click the Cabinets button > Indexing Options tab, OR ...
    In the Search view, click the Manage Indexes button
  2. Put a check mark next to every cabinet you want to index
  3. For the Type of Index, select Full
  4. Click the Start Indexer button

The indexer will begin running immediately. When it’s done, you’ll be able to search the cabinet(s).

Keep the Index Up-to-Date

Creating a new index is a one-time event. If you want new files added to the index on an ongoing basis, you must allow Enterprise Organizer Pro to periodically update the index. This is known as an Incremental Index or Auto-Indexing. See Activate Auto-Indexing for more information.

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